In Pujehun… Maada Bio Warns Against ‘Ebola Complacency’

The former head of state, Rtd. Brig. Bio has appealed to the people in Pujehun not to drop their guard in the fight against Ebola.

Addressing thousands of people in Pujehun on Monday 26th October, 2015 as part of his social mobilization tour, Rtd. Brig. Bio thanked the people, community leaders and the security forces for their roles in the fight against Ebola in the district.

He reminded the people of the devastation Ebola has caused to communities and lives.

He told them that he was not in Pujehun for politics but to finish the Ebola fight.

“I want us to do politics in a very healthy environment,” Rtd. Brig. Bio added.

Earlier, Rtd. Brig. Bio visited the Pujehun District Emergency Response Centre where he was briefed by the Coordinator Mr. Alie Bao about the Ebola situation in the district.

Mr. Bao stated that strong coordination was what they used to fight off the scourge and he praised the cooperation of the security forces.

 In response, Rtd. Brig. Bio thanked the officials at the response centre for the hard work and encouraged them not to relent until Ebola is eradicated.

-Credit: Julius Maada Bio Media and Communications Team

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