In Kamakwie… 38-YEAR OLD RAPES GIRL 7

The police in Kamakwie yesterday confirmed to the NEW AGE that they are currently investigating 38-year old Santigie Samura for sexual penetration.

Police Sergeant Kargbo, Line Manager FSU Kamakwie Police said Santigie Samura is in their custody for allegedly raping girl 7.

He said the child has been issued with a medical report form for examination and treatment.

That until a thorough medical examination is done to the child, the matter remains an allegation and that the police would certainly not say anything to anyone until the investigation is concluded.

But eyewitness accounts state however that Santigie is the husband of a police woman reportedly working at the Kamakwie police station.

That even though moves are underway to have the matter transferred to the northern regional headquarters in Makeni, it is believed the investigation has been prejudiced.

Santigie is said to be an employee of a mining company operating in Kamakwie.

But whether the police in Kamakwie intends conclude the investigation of sexual penetration before transferring the matter to Makeni, is no doubt the hundred plus one questions left unanswered by especially the Kamakwie LUC.

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