By Alhaji Koroma

Accused Dr. Olaf Grabowski, a German lawyer, yesterday in a cross examination with lead counsel Lawyer Ibrahim Yillah before Magistrate Binneh Kamara of Court No 1 implicates Ali Fawaz and Abdul Hamid Fawaz in GDG cash transactions.

Olaf told the court that to ensure transparency with the Board of German Drilling Company (GDG), Ali Fawaz and Abdul Hamid Fawaz were made signatories to the account of the company.

He said signatories to the company’s account were set in two groups of four signatories.
Each group, he maintained, have two signatories.

That he (Olaf) and Archibald Arcaute (a French businessman) were one group while Ali Fawaz and Abdul Hamid Fawaz in the other group.

He noted that as signatories they were involved in every cash transaction of the company.

He said German Drilling Company banks with Standard Chartered Bank and has other accounts in Sierra Leone, USA and Euro.

He disclosed further that he is the Chief Executive Officer of German Drilling Company and has the largest share in the company, noting however that his responsibility as CEO involves the day to day management of the company and the supervision of about twenty six employees.

In explaining procedures used in doing business with the company, Olaf said GDG’s Chief Financial Officer Archibald Arcaute’s responsibility is to authorize the collection of payments from clients on behalf of the company.
However, Hadj Fawaz was also manifestly absent in court though.

Matter was adjourned to Thursday 30th March 2017.

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