It is a sine qua non that the ruling All People’s Congress has a strategizing prudence in winning elections.

Elections after elections, be it general or local, even mushroom ones that bear some political slant, that have been won by the ruling party have not been largely based on a popularity or credential  contest but on tactical maneuvering of the electorates or procedures as the case may be.

Those that have closely followed the good, bad and ugly of Sierra Leone politics over the years will readily agree with me that when it comes down to strategizing ways of winning elections in Sierra Leone, the APC cannot be matched.

One of the APC party’s former chief strategists, who was an infamous Vice President during the much criticized Siaka Stevens era, S.I Koroma or ’Agba Satani’ as he was referred to, largely because of his evil ways, once boasted that the APC has ninety nine tactics to win an election.

This we have seen being manifested over the years.

This ninety nine tactics maxim and belief was what the party held sacred and executed to the letter that at one time the party’s motto was changed from ‘Now or Never’ to ‘Live forever’ in the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s.

This would have been actualized but for the intervention of the NPRC.

Fast forward. Just last week we witnessed the massive support the APC party threw behind the candidate who will be contesting in the Constituency 107 bye elections.

Though the choice of the candidate was questionable, as most people in the constituency believed that his party contender was a more popular choice, the core of party members; ministers, Members of Parliament, Councilors, the government spokesman and even the deputy Speaker of the house, were seen in a fanfare motorcade, rallying behind the nominated APC candidate.

This shows how passionate the party is in securing their seat in the western area where they have a 100% representation.  

Last week news broke that one of the party’s strategists who was responsible for catapulting the party into the pole position in the 2007 elections, and is now enjoying the cozy position as adviser to the president, has declared that he would be leaving his velvet office to vie for a parliamentary seat.

This is no other person but our own Alhaji I.B Kargbo. Note that we are only referring to him as ‘our own’ because of his affinity to journalism.

This is the journalist turned politician who was a senior minister in the first term of Ernest Koroma and was sent to State House as an adviser during the president’s second term.

He has always been regarded as a senior citizen that gives grey haired advice to the president.

Therefore, one’s first reaction when news broke that he wants to go parliamentary is ‘what else does he want?’


Maybe we could work out some mathematics at this point. Given that the present speaker of the house has his eye on the presidential ticket, he may be on his way out.

That would send Chernoh Bah to the pole position. The present leader of the house will then assume the position of Deputy Speaker.

There would then be a clamour as to who will assume the position of majority leader.

Assuming I.B wins a parliamentary seat, which is very likely, he may be given that position.

Therefore with Chericoco as speaker and I.B as majority and APC pushing for a third term for Koroma, we conclude that …

99 tactics QED.

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