Home Leone Bequeaths Help to Disaster Affected Communities

By Alhaji Koroma

Home Leone, a social enterprise aiming at providing affordable housing for Sierra Leoneans living in the slums yesterday reached out on four affected flood and mudslide communities, donating rice and other food condiments to victims.

The donations include 130 bag rice, sardine, water and clothes to one hundred and thirty families in four different communities in the West Area.

Of course, communities targeted consist of the culvert slums in Cline Town, Kroobay, CKG and Regent.

A sum totaling US$5,000 was spent on towards the humanitarian gesture, with US$ 3,000 spent on food and water, etc, and US$ 2,000 unswervingly given to Office of National Security in a way strengthening their efforts as they lend a hand to victims affected by the disasters.

Nigel Hyde, Chief Executive and Adventurer of Home Leone said however that notwithstanding the fact that his institution is not a disaster relief establishment, they were moved by the August 14 disaster, and so have been left without a choice but come out with a form of support for the affected.

“Home Leone is putting mechanisms in place on how to relocate slum dwellers to a much safer and decent environment with facilities such as schools, hospitals and of course job opportunities,” Nigel emphasized.

“Our vision is to see a nation that is wholly slum free living. And as a non-profit making establishment, we exist to provide significant and holistic sustainable housing to enable thousands to depart from the slums in Sierra Leone.’’

Home Leone pilot Destiny village is a community-led relocation plan enabling over 2,000 people to move.

It provides jobs, education, low cost homes, social infrastructure, utilities, vocational training and health facilities.

It advances social justice initiatives and maximizes training on the effective use of vital infrastructure.

According to Lyndon Johnson, Communications Director, Home Leone will not only stop at providing food aid for disaster victims, but ensure assurance on the relocation of people living in slums.

He said the USD5, 000 spent on persons affected by the recent disaster is money his institution has been keeping to respond to issues of disasters in the country.

“We have already built 344 low cost homes at Newtown in the Western Area Rural District. We have also had four hundred applicants for the structures, but there are set criteria for persons vesting interest on the houses,” Lyndon said.

Mary Bangura, a beneficiary, thanked Home Leone for their efforts in guaranteeing safe housing conditions for people living in slum areas. She further also thanked them for the donations.

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