Headache For APC, SLPP, Others… Central Youth Hail Musa Tarawally

Just when the news broke that Musa Tarawally has been unanimously endorsed by Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), Peoples Liberation Party (PLP), People Democratic Party (PDP) and Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) as their Presidential candidate for the 2018 elections, lead political parties the likes of ruling APC, main opposition SLPP and newly established NGC have all had upsetting and sleepless nights.

Yesterday at Mountain Cuts, in the Central business district of Freetown, youths joyously encircled Musa Tarawally, singing songs of praises to his favour as he traversed main Kissy Road on his way to the provinces.

The young people who were behind him are mostly the unemployed and jobless youth of society, who claimed Musa is one of few Sierra Leonean politicians that have been providing for them in times of need.

They were no doubt chanting slogans of change and progress for Sierra Leone, repeatedly using words such “We want Change!” “We are with Musa Tarawally, the savior of Sierra Leone!” “We are Fed Up with APC and SLPP!”

Musa who was taken to surprise was spotted as saying to the chanting youth that “the time will come when he will speak to the nation about his dreams and feelings for the poor of society.”

He did not say anything about his endorsement for Presidency of the country under the first coalition of political parties in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, Political Observers say, “with Musa in the race for the Presidency, it will be difficult for the traditional parties (APC and SLPP) to sail through, as according to them, ‘Musa is a household name in the politics of Sierra Leone.’”

It is true Musa has contributed immensely in the improvement of the lives of Muslims in the country.

In recent past, he has had timeless moments luring international humanitarian organizations the likes of UMMAH Foundation in the UK and other organizations support victims of the August mudslide which sorrowfully left hundreds dead and thousands homeless.

Sources say Musa has plans of constructing a contemporary mosque that will house some ten thousand Muslim worshipers somewhere in Bo city, south of Sierra Leone.

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    Your stuff is like vitamins for my brain. Is there new news on this? Thank you almost all for the details. I bet anything you sweat gold dust.


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