Hmmmm! And could this be true though? That the SUPREMO is out for medical while country’s STATE OSE says he went on leave?

Looks like a lucky dip anyhow, either of the two may have seen the ALMIGHT SUPREMO out to YERMANY; for medical or he is fed up with the unending austerity and wants to take a rest.

But what beats the imagination of SONKOH SONKOH is but how followers of the SUPREMO are viewing things; as if he (SUPREMO) isn’t an ordinary being in creature, and that he has got no reason to fall sick though.

If for any reason he was out of the country on medical checkup, why not do it at our own Connaught Hospital, where no doubt it is not as much costly, and of course the place where those who voted him to Supremacy (the ordinary people) go for medical treatment when they are sick?

Or maybe he is of the opinion his talked about FREE HEALTH CARE or better put FREE DIE seems not working at all?

The SONKOH SONKOH knows the SUPREMO has woefully failed capacitating the health sector and so has little or no confidence in Sierra Leone’s health system, therefore decided to travel way to YERMANY for checkup.

Of course, the SONKOH SONKOH’s plea is that STATE OSE Press statement must say the right thing and not fool the people that he (the ALMIGHTY SUPREMO) has gone on vacation when they know that’s not it.

The question now in minds of people is that SUPREMO has stopped foreign travelling as part of his EXPENDITURE RATIONALIZATION measures, so seeing him reneging to his commandment, seems raising the red flag as to his YERMANY holiday leave, knowing fully the country is in economic miasma.

The SONKOH SONKOH expects the SUPREMO lead by example; of course, go to DO BAMBALI for his usually holiday leave to save some money for the country.


The Chin-Chong are slowly taking over SALONE bit by bit.

It seems glare that people will wake up one morning only to realize that their country has been sold to the CHIN CHONG Mafias.

Imagine the CHIN CHONG receiving all government contracts on roads- the recent of which has been the Wellington-Maisaka Road, for which the contract was bloated and the CHIN CHONG also given the right to collect toll fees after merely 10% completion of the road- take we oil fry we, hmmmm!

All sie den Chinese yah dae bo!! Den don sack most of we brother dem na Shandong! E sorry oh!
Even cleaners are CHIN CHONG, and what surprises Sierra Leoneans the most is the fact that they now have resorted into smuggling our tantalite minerals to China.

Thank God they have been recently captured at the quay with loads of containers destined for China; hmmmmm, if not
for the CID and other security apparatus our minerals may have wretchedly transported to China just like that.

But you know what? Where is our own IG MUMU, that fulumunku policeman of a type?

Nar ask di SONKOH SONOH ask?

How can the MUMU says his boys in blue arrested young Sierra Leoneans working for the CHING CHONG but could get statement of the CHING CHONG, then allow him go free.

The CHING CHONG, they say, was in charge of the smuggling cartel but was allowed to go free just because he may have greased palms of the greedy though.

Or maybe because there are some ‘POWERFUL’ people in governance who are behind the whole smuggling cartel? Nar ask di SONKOH SONKOH ask back oh?

Well, SONKOH SONKOH will begin to name and shame some of the big people behind the smuggling cartel from RNA, STATE OSE, MNA, you help him name them.

Bo CHIN CHONG unu nor go tire bo! Pan all di bloated contracts wae unar don get, unar still dae pan smuggling back?


Ooooo the Mami na Pawa!!! Pawa sweet lek fishball ya!!

It was the Government and the Ministry of Sports who spent huge amount of money to regularize delegates of Sierra Leone football to put to rest the issue of fake delegates.

After that, Sports Minister AHMED RASTA decided to hold an extraordinary congress to draw the road map on the elective congress, which is to hold in August.

And now the QUEEN of Football has refused to go by the road map to congress, rather saying that there is no money to do congress.

We wan see day O Madam QUEEN!!

She has even refused to accept the Western Area Chairman into the EXCO as she still harbors grudges, but at the same time wants to retain power.

Ooooo!!! No wonder she was using the woman style strategy the last time at the Stadium so that she can lure big names interfere again and manipulate the next elections.

This time manipulative skills will not work because the stakeholders are united to ensure football begins to roll around the play ground.


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