Hajj Corruption… Gaga says “I AM SUBJECTED TO MOLESTATION”

Recent Hajj corruption revelation has seen President Koroma hastily relieving his Minister of State in the office of the Vice President, two of his Presidential aides.

It has also seen the current Minister of Social Welfare sadly complaining of utter isolation by the President.
Minister Sylvia Blyen dubbed Lady Gaga claimed she is being badly treated by the President when it comes to issues of religion.

“Now when last did you see anyone invite the Religious Affair Minister when the President hosts religious groups at his State House office? As recently as last week when a Muslim agency went to donate for Hajj Pilgrims was it not the Honourable Vice President whom His Excellency the President invited to witness the occasion at State House?” Minister Blyden asked.

She said however that the list of her being sidelined and undermined in matters to do with religious affairs is endless, adding that the litany of examples abounds all over the place.

“So so undermined. Everyone knows this. I am systematically subjected to regular molestation with no protection,” she claimed.

Minister Blyden insists she has no form of protection, not even from her Boss who happens to be the president, on issues of religious affairs.

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