Gratuity Wahala Hits MPs

Members of Parliament are reportedly worried over their gratuity and end of term benefits to the point that they have protested that they will not endorse the budget if their gratuity and end of service benefits are not given to them.

Last Tuesday, Hon Edward Stile Jengo rose in the well of Parliament quoting Standing Order 26 which states that “a motion directly concerning the privileges of parliament shall take precedence to all other public business.

If during a sitting of parliament, a matter suddenly arises which appears to involve the privileges of parliament and which calls for the immediate intervention of the house, the proceeding may be interrupted same during the progress of a division by a motion based on such matter.”

Hon Jengo continued that the minister should explained to MPs about their gratuity at Committee Room No1.

The motion was supported by all the members of parliament in the well. As such, a closed-door meeting was held on the said date.

Reports from finance indicate that the terminal benefits of Members of Parliament are supposed to be due in June 2018 as per the laws of Sierra Leone.

That they are amazed that MPs do not know that their gratuity will not be due until June next year when it will be given to them because it is theirs.

Observers have asked whether the Parliamentarians will hold the nation to a standstill because of their own personal interest by not approving the national budget when they know that their gratuity will come at the appropriate time.

Efforts to get the Minister of Finance and Economic Development on this matter proved futile.

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