Popular Sierra Leonean Business man, Ahmed Gento has been indicted in the 25 Billion Leone King Jimmy Bridge saga that was exposed by the Auditor General of Sierra Leone

The expose was made in 2016 Audit Report on the accounts of the Government of Sierra Leone in reviewing the Road Maintenance Fund Administration expense.

The report revealed that the initial contract agreement Benton Villa Limited owned by Ahmed Gento and the RMFA for the reconstruction of King Jimmy Embankment Le4,700,098,250 which according to the Audit Report was unreasonably and suddenly increased to a whooping 25 Billion Leones.

“It was noted that this contract was modified which resulted in an increase in the contract value by Le 25,820,330,239,” the Audit Report revealed.

This sudden increment was done in contravention of section 144(5) which states that the Administration should have initiated a new procurement proceeding; however, the additional contract was awarded to the existing contractor.

“It was also noted that the modification did not relate to the reconstruction of the King Jimmy embankment but was for the rehabilitation of other feeder roads in the vicinity of King Jimmy,” the Audit Report asserts.

However, the feeder roads which should have include Walace Johnson Street, Walpole Street Wesley Street and George Street remained a pipe dream.

The Auditors recommended that the Administration/the procuring entity should provide reasonable explanation why procurement procedures were breached.

The CEO of Road Maintenance responded, “the risk as rightly mentioned by the auditor is that the Authority (SLRA) may be in breach of the NPPA Act 2004 as the arrangement did not qualify as an addendum… that the auditors should take the matter up with the Authority as the administration did not procure contractors, nor were they involved in the procurement process of the Authority. ”

He ended that they were not in any position to hold brief for the (SLRA) in that regard.

But the auditors said that they believe that as financier, RMFA does not only have the responsibility to pay for contracts that are forwarded to the Authority, but also to vet contracts so as to be satisfied that the procurement processes are free, fair, open and competitive and have been done in line with procurement law and regulation.

Meanwhile a 4yrs road contract that was given to the same Beton Villa has taken almost 8 yrs with little work done-Hill Cut-Jomo Kenyatta Road.


  • May 19, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Hope we’re watching history unfolding, and a president in America in mr trump
    behaving like African leaders, Brainless, classless, very irrationally corrupt, vindictive, extremely abusive with their poorwers wanting to have no limit to it, and part of their brain that’s Reactive and Impulsive and not capable
    of reflection. That’s what all African leaderships are, all about.

    These are the kinda leaders we have all over that continent. But we are watching
    the ”place of the media” in this historic times in the American body politics.
    Is not the congress or the senate, neither is truly the fbi or the cia BUT the ”media”, who is truly the only ones who can hold this political madness of trump to accounts and his responsibilities to the citizens and the country.

    Without that, mr trump was going to turn that great nation, America! to the kind of Banana Republic, the ones we have in sadlone. Therefore it’s the responsibility of the media to hold the politicians responsible, least they make the wrong moves, or educate the electorates least they make the wrong choices.

    I’d hope sadlone and African Medias had these basic fundamental ethics in their
    profession to hold to accounts our leadership. We have seem the ape in ernest koroma’s admin, we have seem him from the start of his presidency he brought in only family member to poorwerful political positions, we have seem him throughout fill government, civil services, private sectors with his people, from Barbers, drug traffickers, thugs and confusions, extremely corrupt sierra leoneans we’ve seem him give them the highest positions in the land eg vector foe, justice freeslum plague kamara (jfk lol), this murderer and killer poalow conten and can go on with an unending names in his government.

    This ape WeirdNest kamara/sisay/koroma absolutely have no concern for the folks of sadlone, no pity, no respect, disrespect the law and the constitution of the land like sadlone is his private property.

    I sincerely hope the media elites are taking stocks of this monumental time in a free, fair, strong and wise journalistic scholarships for those who can least fight for themselves and citizens venerable to corrosiveness political ethics, the kind we have in Sierra Leone., apc apes’ party. to the citizen, sadlone is for all sadlone is not the properties of siaka thievens, sorry i koroma, momoh saidu, baimba kamara, johnny paul koroma and foday sankoh. sadlone is for everyone, we don’t have kings or what nuts. sadlone is nuts the property of justice freeslum plague kamara, is not the property of yohn sisay. we all have the same right to life, liberty for all, work etc, etc.

  • May 19, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    These illegal Chinese plane is just one episode among so many drug trafficking, by planes, that has become the sole business by this APE WeirdNest kamara/sisay/koroma’s government.

    This is a total disgrace and tarnished reputation of the country that this APE-HUMANOID WeirdNest kamara/sisay/koroma have brought onto sadlone. Sad.

    This apeman have no concern, regards or empathy towards the citizens of that land. He’s doing everything to destroy and starve that country for ONLY his own personally diminishing/waning wealth glorified vanities in mindless and apee arrogances.

    Now sadlone is witnessing, were these apes humanoid is taking sadlone to be his own ”private property” or his ”tenminee/limba/loko/kuranko families property”, Ass he can do anything and everything he wants with all the sycophancy in sierra leone in total support of his backward and illiterate natural ape’s impulse, Reactive, Impulsive and total lack of the Capacity to Reflect.

    ”Are sadlone folks lacking in the capacities for a reflective thoughts” of their very recent history!? From siaka thievens, sorry i koroma, momoh saidu, baimba kamara, johnny paul koroma, foday sankoh and now this complete humanoid ape fooling nation with sycophancy gangs of drug traffickers, thugs, barber, thieves, phoney corrupt and incompetent and reckless mischief characteristic of an ape personalities, etc etc..

    His tactics are the same old and dead ”IDEAS” like siaka thievens and sorry i koroma’s manipulation so that, The Police Forces, The Armed Forces, The special security Forces, The C I D forces and their own special ape’s apc Forces and above all the judiciaries ”make sure that ape apc lives to rule for ever” mentalities are all there, ”TO MAKE SURE THEY RETAINS POORWER FOR EVER”. SAD FOLKS.

    When will the folks of sadlone wake up for their ”RIGHTS” OR are we going to be
    the apes they are ass well or are we going to stand up for our sure rights as humans, entitle to life, liberty, work and freedom to think. And not let them make the country a tenminee and a koroma/kamara/sisay property they arrogantly portray to us the fooled apes. sad.


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