From $50 Million to $6.5 Million… Salone Auctions Diamond

Despite the fact that International Media like CNN, Skyy News initially valued the recently found diamond at 50 Million dollars, the ruling APC Government has sold the diamond dubbed peace diamond very cheaply.

At a ceremony held in New York in the United States of America, the Government of Koroma through Rappaport Group auctioned the diamond at a very paltry sum.

This was after President Koroma had earlier told Sierra Leoneans that the diamond will be sold right in Freetown and as such, a ceremony was held at the Bank of Sierra Leone Complex in which the diamond was initially bided for $7.8M.

Surprisingly, the diamond was even sold less than the $7.8M that was initially bided for it in Freetown but was auctioned $6.5M in the United States.

Reports from the United States revealed that Laurence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds won the precious stone.

The government also stated that about $3.8M of the $6.5M will be used to fund infrastructural projects to benefit Koryardu Village in Kono district where the diamond was founded.

Diamond Expert and Managing Director of 77diamonds said that, “it’s a shame the diamond hasn’t sold for a wildly expensive price.”

The peace diamond, according to research is the 14th largest diamond in the history of the world and was founded by one Pastor Momoh.

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