Financial Mess At Bank HFC

Reports reaching SALONE TIMES revealed that billions of Leones meant for investment in Bank HFC have been cornered and chopped by some members of the management of the bank.

The report intimated how moneys that were meant for investment in bungalows in a huge parcel of lands at Gloucester Village have been inflated and subsequently chopped.

Bank HFC is part of NASSIT investment programme and in 2004, NASSIT decided to invest in the area of home financing to complete the loop involving NASSIT, Estate developers and potential home owners.

“In terms of how to carry on with this investment, NASSIT was faced with 2 options: To initiate and promote the formation of a company and invite interested investors to participate in the financing and management of the company and to Collaborate with existing ventures in the mortgage business.”

Therefore, Bank HFC, Public Limited Company is an investment bank that was set up with Sierra Leonean moneys that was put in the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) so that they can go into meaningful investment that will profit NASSIT and the people of Sierra Leone in the long run.

Shocking though, is that the moneys stolen in the name of investment have almost left the Bank in a state of insolvency.

SALONE TIMES texts the Head of Administration of the Bank one Mr. Sheriff to get the side of the management.

Instead of him (Sheriff) to talk to SALONE TIMES and unknown person who identified himself as Michael called and told SALONE TIMES that they don’t want such things to go in the public and that they will comment on the things put forward to Mr. Sheriff latter.

Despite that, SALONE TIMES makes reasonable efforts to see Sheriff on several occasion at the Bank Headquarters at Liverpool Street but the Head of Admin refused to talk to SALONE TIMES.

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