It is merely a week that Masada, the company contracted for the disposal of filths in the city decided to down tools, and Freetown has become the smelliest of cities the world over.

City streets, off roads, highways all have become filth stores, emitting odors unbearable.

Like it is in a release put out by Masada Masada Waste Management, that they have not received payments of a billion and six hundred thousand Leones for eight months waste collection from Freetown City Council, same has seen filths taking over the capital city.

This, they say, was as a result of the company regretful withholding of its services of collecting, transporting and disposing of wastes from transit points across Freetown.

At Congo Town, Masada’s major fifths transit point, most of the residents say there is the likelihood of a deadly outbreak of cholera, typhoid, malaria and, of course, dysentery; a disease that makes people go to the toilet more frequently and weak too.

Findings are that even though Masada has not been paid for the past eight months, it has been committed to providing waste management services to people of Freetown with the hope that the FCC will meet its financial obligation.

And because it has become apparent that Mayor Bode Gibson and team have had no intention paying money owed the company, Masada recently decided to withhold their services of collecting and transporting wastes as usually the case until backlogs owed them are fully paid.

Reports are that the FCC seem not paying any attention to the plight of the vulnerable of society, who no doubt are at risk of being infected by killable diseases the likes of cholera, dysentery, etc.

Insider sources say even though the FCC are incapable of collecting and transporting waste from within the capital of Freetown, they have resolved doing it themselves because money owed Masada has been misused and isn’t forthcoming.

That Masada’s decision to down tools came after several engagements with the FCC proved futile, coupled with workers going on strike due to unpaid salaries for the past two months and the high running costs the company was incurring to sanitize and maintain transit points.

The imperatives, as demanded by the public, are that the Anti Graft Commission must set up an investigation to look into how public’s money is spent by management of FCC.

Their reference relates to the fact that prosecutorial action was once taken against a former FCC Mayor, Herbert Williams, by the Anti Corruption, which later saw him dethroned and of course convicted for doing things uncalled for of a public officer.

This, many say, must equally be done to the current FCC Mayor, under whose leadership the city is currently experiencing fifths unimaginable.


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