Exposed… $2.5M Chinese Land Deal Backfires

Plans linking the sale of acres of lands situated at the Crab Town Community in Aberdeen to the Chinese have reached hearings of legitimate landowners.

Information are that the Chinese (as buyers) have set aside a whooping USD 2.5 million for the purchase of the Crab Town land (Aberdeen creek) from some faceless but unscrupulous government officials.

The land which is referred to as ‘creek’ was reportedly leased to people by respective past Ministers of Lands- Bobson Sesay, Dr. Dennis Sandy and Musa Tarawally.

But before Musa’s removal as country’s Lands Minister, there were attempts to have the Chinese take possession of portion of the Aberdeen creek land which no doubt may have made homeless persons believed to be legitimate owners.

However, months after the his (Musa’s) removal and Dianna Konomanyi’s taking over as new Lands Minister, she quickly caused the knocking down of houses built at the creek by persons owning legal government leases, thereby making homeless hundreds and leaving the lands unused till date.

George Collins, Chairman Crab Town Aberdeen Creek Community claimed the Chinese have been frequenting the area to possibly take possession of the lands but were resisted on number of occasions.

He said his house was with scores of houses demolished by Lands Ministry on the ground that “the place was/is environmentally dangerous for human habitation.”

“Sierra Leone no-longer has any value but rather a money making machine,” George frustratingly said.

It has reached the New Age press that there have been attempts by some government officials to pay a sum totaling Le 300,000,000 to persons owning leases for the Crab Town land to enable them give up the land to the Chinese but all have proved futile.

The USD 2.5 million Chinese deal is said to have been hindered by negative responses of lease owners of the Crab Town Aberdeen creek lands, who times uncountable have refused to go along with the Chinese from taking possession of acres of the land.

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