Hmmm… this smells rotten!

SONKOH SONKOH was taken aback hearing that the University of Sierra Leone is but on an exploitative mission, heartlessly extorting money from persons trying to gain entrance into the Universities just like that.

Aren’t country’s universities administrators know it’s unfair and of course uncalled for asking persons pay for university forms though?

I bet my life anyhow, nowhere in the world have universities asked people pay for entrance form; it’s free you know.
Ayah! And no wonder Sierra Leone unlike serious countries the world over is seen as ‘HELL’ on earth.

Selling entrance form at 50 United States Dollars- rubbish!

Look at this again, my people! Do you know our universities don’t even have their entrance forms on the internet, to make people easily but quickly do online application, not having to spend all their time of this world queuing educational campuses for such?

Just last week, you know (seven days ago), our outdated University (Fourahbay College) announced it will be selling forms to new entrants.

Of course, this triggered potential students who have passed the WASCE exam crammed banks to at least secure one.

But just when the forms were bought, no doubt Le 250,000, the excited university potentials were then regrettably told that there isn’t space for them at all.

They could neither get the forms they paid for nor have their money refunded, you know! Isn’t this a human right abuse on the part of those who say country’s think thanks?

Yes, it is though! And the exploitative part of the story is the fact that a sum totaling 50 dollars taken from the students aren’t refunded back.

SONKOH SONKOH sees action of country’s university managers as serious ‘corruption’ overindulgence and must be investigated nonetheless.

Need not say it was all a ploy by the University to make money on the heads of the needy poor of society.

And to you so-called Prof. Eku, Mr. Vice Chancellor of the University, SONKOH SONKOH wants you make certain that students who bought forms and have the requirement gained acceptance, else that your copy and paste thesis will soon be published you know.


Sierra Leone is indeed an interesting place to live.

Instead of Parliament answering to questions of accountability, they have resorted doing things the other but usual way- intimidate, harass, arrest, and detain, bla, bla, bla….

The idea of intimidating people when they question the integrity of public officers should be stopped though.

Jailing Fatoma will still not prevent parliamentarians evade questions of accountability.

They must be accountable to the people they seek to serve.

Sonkoh Sonkoh knows why Parliament want the young man subdued and have him apologises.

Anyway, and if that is what they want, I, the only SONKOH SONKOH of Sierra Leone therefore request Fatoma apologises and have his way out of the trap; at least for his safety you know.

But I tell you, if you hearts of Sierra Leoneans are searched, you’ll see not but what the young man had said about our CHOP CHOP Parliament as nothing but the truth.


Bobs! Our Lady Rala AUDIT is doing well over there oh.

At least she isn’t like the former Commissioner for corruption, who since God’s creation of planet earth, has always been a politician, and has been using the Corruption Commission for his political agenda. Sorry oh!

Do you know that our Rala Audit has terribly upset SUPREMO when she said in the put out 2015 audit report that billions of billions of country’s money was stolen by Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)? Dis gial get mind oh!

Look back ba: “the same old problems of improper procurement, naked corruption and using money without supporting documents were all mentioned in the report.” Nor to SONKOH SONKOH say am oh, nar Lady Rala sef sef talk am ya!

Awo! Our Lady Rala has also called on the general citizenry to put pressure on Parliament so that they will be more robust in holding people falling prey of corruption dealt with according to law.

She complained nonetheless that Parlaiment is yet to recoup monies stolen during the Ebola crisis.
Me ar tire sef! Den wan yah nor serious at all, same soup you know!


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