The programme ‘AYV on Sunday’ brought a sigh of relief in the minds of Sierra Leoneans when Abdulai Baraytay, country’s presidential spokesperson Sunday 10th said: “nothing will stop the elections from holding 7th March.”

Baraytay allayed fears of people by stating that the ruling APC government is 100% committed to the conduct of elections come the March 7th.

Although Baraytay was somewhat political, his contention was that there have been complaints of missing names during the concluded voter registration exhibition; claiming nonetheless that such has the tendency of disenfranchising thousands.

But people’s opinions are that the election must hold on 7th March and that government should provide the required finances to NEC for the process.

The programme, which was brilliantly moderated by Kenyan Angella Angwie saw Sierra Leoneans strongly accusing the APC of thoughtfully trying to propagate ‘MORE TIME’ or extension of elections date, as was habitually publicized by politicians in the President Koroma’s government.

They say the elections should hold on 7th March, and that government must be obliged to uphold the constitution of Sierra Leone.

Shocking, however, was the fact that Robin Fallay, a MORE TIME campaigner yesterday came public, restraining himself from his previous crusade, rather was calling for an obligatory holding of elections on 7th March.

Our findings are that there is huge financial gap of Le30 billion needed by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) for the conduct of the March 2018 elections.

This, we are told, has seen NEC completely disadvantaged in their functions as they prepare for the 2018 elections.

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