‘More Time’ and ‘Extra Time’ plans as was espoused by the now Minister of Transport and Aviation, Leonard Balogun Koroma, Robin Falley and no doubt the Minister of Youth Affairs Bai Mamoud Bangura including unscrupulous civil society activists the likes of Alphonso Manley and of course Warisay of Democracy Sierra Leone, have all been put to shame by the SUPREMO, who painstakingly has announced the holding of elections (Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council) 7th March 2018.

And although the SUPREMO has added some few days to the constitutionally mandated three months, there has been a sigh of relief in minds of the gullible of society that long awaited date for elections has been announced and that the battle line is now drawn.

Hoops!!! Isn’t it that reason for the surprised announcement of date for elections may have happened because of ultimatum given the SUPREMO by the BOSS, the INDEFATIGABLE and ARTICULATE KAYAIMBA of ADP fame, who recently has pressured government announce date for elections or face a million man match protest?

Anyway, kudos to you KAYAIMBA for adding some flair into the politics of Sierra Leone once more!

Lajilah… What beats the imagination of SONKOH SONKOH is that even at his finally days in office, SUPREMO is still violating country’s constitution you know.

Even though people say SONKOH SONKOH is but a stupid uneducated foolish big man, he was able read through lines as in country’s PUBLIC ELECTIONS ACT of 2012, which states it is the MUNKU MUMU CHAIRMAN of the National Electoral Commission that should announce date for, in particular, Presidential election and not the SUPREMO, who smartly has done same though.

SONKOH SONKOH knows SUPREMO is doing all this because his FULUMUNKU Electoral Chairman does not seem to know his wit about him.

Ar nor need for art me hade pan full man yah! Look me dae go befoe!!


In Sierra Leone, students don’t have any right, time countless they have been compelled to “obey and complain later” their universities administrators you know.

This sounds sickening bra! Seeing students in other universities going for classes while students of Njala University are yet to start classes because lecturers are striking for backlogs owed them since 2013, is complete, complete nonsense bo!

Anyway, this is how interesting a country called Sierra Leone is.

Even families of deceased lecturers who should be enjoying benefits of late relatives are yet to receive such benefit payments too!

Akeh nor good O! Doya una pay dem lecturer dem money bo!

And guess what? The impact of the so-called indefinite strike action by the lecturers is but no doubt on necks of poor students, who have paid their fees but aren’t getting the value for their monies.

In the jungle, when two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers the pain.

This government does not seem to care about education at all. All they care about is power and corrupt acquisition of wealth.


As party TORKPOI takes all by surprise, its legitimate Chairman KAPEN PEN has taken back his seat though.

The welcoming of KAPEN PEN to his TORKPOI office shortly after a decision to remove him by PAOPA and cohorts was reversed; BULLET who led the coup against him was of course the one that took him into recently held NEC meeting, even though in a much solemn atmosphere.

And with all this going inside party TORKPOI, the MARGAI brothers and of course late KABBAH will gladly be beaming with smiles in the world out there.

But SONKOH SONKOH has warned nonetheless that now that the whistle is blown, it is left with party TORKPOI to consolidate the peace they now talk of.

He, SONKOH SONKOH, is of the belief that even though party TORKPOI is now together, it is still a difficult battle
seeing it takes power from the RISING SUN, not say the least when they are a factionalized and dysfunctional party.

Better see the party consolidate the peace or will see his membership have themselves to blame.


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