Ebola survivors in the country have complained of serious medical neglect on the part of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

The survivors complained of serious health challenges that they are faced with after their survival of the dreadful virus that rained Sierra Leone and its neighbors in 2015.

According to Yusuf Kabba, President of Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors, they should be working with Ministries of Health and Sanitation and Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs but they are only getting from the latter.

He said his members are in serious health distress with serious complications resulting from the virus.

He said as side effects, Ebola survivors suffer from eye sight difficulties, menstrual problems for the women etc.

He furthered that they struggle for all health concerns including access to medicines, adding it will be good for government to prioritize their health.

It could be recalled that after many survived the Ebola, health experts warned that the possibility for survivors to live with side effects of the virus could be grave, for which they needed serious medical attention.

In fact, that ignited the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to declare that Ebola Survivors should be given free health care in major health institutions of the country.

“But this is seemingly not forth coming,” Yusuf Kabba would say.

The survivors’ President stated the issue of discrimination. They are still facing stigmatization in their communities.

“Most survivors do not want to identify themselves as survivors of the Ebola virus,” he said, noting: “that is why most do not show up for the opportunities offered to them.”


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