DJ Boxx’s Platinum Media Is a Disgrace

Failed Music Producer, DJ Boxx, also perceived as one of persons to have milked Sierra Leone’s Football Legend, Mohamed Kallon dry, is but reportedly and consistently now being used by politicians to bad-mouth other politicians interested in the leadership of the ruling APC just because they are having issues with the President.

Our understanding is that the APC supported the funding of a media outlet called Platinum Media, to have it propagate issues of the party on social media using media novices the likes of DJ Boxx and allied; who, no doubt, failed managing a Newspaper they initially had established.

Their failures came at a time they allegedly had received over 40 thousand dollars from a certain politician (highly placed in the ruling APC government) to set up the collapsed Platinum Newspaper, but had used same for a purpose unexplained.

That instead of them investing money given them on the newspaper, they were left without a much better option but share it from among themselves.

Even though unconfirmed, news making the rounds relate to the fact that DJ Boxx (supposedly a deportee from the United States of America), was in the middle of a gossip in the build up to the 2012 elections, and was reportedly accused of receiving millions on behalf of Musicians, which resulted in a bloodless battle because he (DJ Boxx) allegedly refused sharing the money equally.

The man whose attempt in re-entering the US through a government machinated list for the 2015 United Nations General Assembly failed sadly, is now desperately using his failed newspaper turned whatsapp group in spewing lies about other people.

His Platinum Whatsapp media group (or call it otherwise), where of course people are parading with fictitious audios that are deviously calling names of Sierra Leoneans vying for the Presidency of the country in the ruling APC, has individuals on pay list of other wannabe Presidential Aspirants.

A recently leaked but fabricated audio (now viral on the social media) believed to have been produced by an immoral social media group, has unreservedly thrown a light to the fact that there is indeed serious infighting in the APC, which if not carefully managed will see the party be in a political comatose worse than the one preceding the 2007 elections.

The group’s continuous ‘alternative facts’ are prejudicing ACC’s investigations.

Of course, and if for any reason those paid up operatives intend helping the ACC in their work, they should have given the viral audio to investigators at the ACC than posting same on whatsapp, consequently and innocently exposing the APC than they could have done to their targeted opponents.

DJ Boxx, his cohorts should thank their stars that they live in a country like Sierra Leone, where the President would encourage people deported from the US to make comment (s) on issue (s) of governance.

In some better countries, the likes of DJ Boxx would neither be allowed to come close to a councilor nor talk to a minister or the President, but as it is, it seems as though our politicians have reduced governance to the gutter, that every ‘Jack and Jill’ could be encouraged as long as he/she praise sings the presidency.

Sierra Leone as a nation should ensure that the country is altogether delivered from mediocrity and sycophancy though.

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