Shortly after Transparency International (TI) recent rating of Sierra Leone as bottom last in terms of corruption, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has yet again terribly failed the country in the area of corruption.

The 2018 MCC report indicates that Sierra Leone woefully failed corruption threshold and couldn’t even pass the medium scorecard.

MCC is an independent U.S. Government agency with a singular mission- to reduce global poverty through economic growth.

It was established in 2004 to provide time-limit grants and assistance to poor countries that meet rigorous standards for good governance ranging from fighting corruption to respecting democratic rights.

It works across sectors the likes of energy, transportation, agriculture, education and is selective about where it invests.

The MCC only partners with low and lower-middle income countries that pass a policy scorecard of 20 public indicators clustered into three categories: good governance, economic freedoms, and investing in their people.

Over the 13 years, the MCC has invested nearly $12 billion in economic growth projects around the globe, with more than 65 percent of that invested in Africa.

They have partnered with 23 African countries and currently have 14 active programs in Africa.

The investments not only fund large infrastructural projects, but help governments make critical policy and institutional reforms that help them both better deliver services to their people and catalyze business investment.

Sierra Leone has failed meeting threshold of governance and economic freedom and as a result has seen the country not benefitting from funds hugely allocated to poor but serious developing African nations such as Ivory Coast, Malawi, others.

The recent MCC report has proven that Sierra Leone failed on fiscal policy, regulatory quality, land rights and access, access to credit, control of corruption, primary education expenditure, government effectiveness, natural resource protection, girls primary education completion rate, child health, etc.

Although the report accolade Sierra Leone for passes on indicators such as democratic rights- trade policy, gender in the economy, business start up, etc, it has shown the country terribly failing key indicators to make it qualify for the ‘compact.’

The regrettable points to the fact that Sierra Leone, over the years, has failed corruption ratings regardless of its appointment of a new and young lawyer, Ady Macauley, as the country’s Anti Corruption Chief.

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