Former treasurer of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Joe Kallon, on one occasion described Mohamed Bangura as a complete ‘political ventriloquist.’

Joe Kallon regretingly described Mohamed Bangura to be one of such following his (Mohamed Bangura) never-ending support of President Koroma, in the build-up to the 2012 elections, on national television.

The ventriloquism of Mohamed Bangura seems recently exhibited in a political rally of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party Thursday 12th, where incidentally he was in solidarity with the APC after refusing to put up a candidate for his party in the already concluded elections.

Mohamed self-righteously was seen clad red [APC attire], on streets occupying Constituency 107, dancing and luring people vote the contesting APC candidate in the bye election.

Days after, Mohamed therefore resigned from his United Democratic Party, making clearer in his letter that, “it is with a heavy heart I must inform you that I am stepping down from the position you have entrusted me. Effective immediately I will be resigning my post and membership in the party.”

Adds: “there comes a time when opportunities of a different nature present themselves.” 

A senior member of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change was left without option, but accused Mohamed of destroying their party {PMDC} by allowing the APC use him to poach PMDC Ministers, making them full members of the ruling APC Government after the 2007 alliance between the duo.

That Mohamed has at all times been playing double standard in the APC, as his recent resignation from the UDM; a party he founded, is an indication that he has always been APC.

Political observers said Mohamed was never a serious political stakeholder and that he has shown where he’ll be going after resigning from the UDM.

A pundit says he has been using UDM as springboard for money making, but in actual fact was in support of the APC. 

Some UDM supporters say Mohamed’s decision to supporting the APC on the nick of time during the 2012 elections was but an indication that he was never a party faithful, rather something else.

“Indeed this man has always been a political ventriloquist,” one of them said.

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