Court Case for Josiah Parris

German National Olaf Grabowski yesterday confirmed pursuing legal action against Josiah Paris and his Universal Radio entity for airing a story believed to be utterly libelous of his person (Olaf).

Olaf deep-rootedly explained how Paris unprofessionally had caused the broadcasting of an interview with Abdul Hamid Hadj Fawaz (owner of Fawaz Building Materials), which he said was one sided and completely libelous of his person.

He revealed Josiah is a friend of Fawaz and on number of times has visited him (Fawaz) at Charllote Street office unofficial but on friendly basis or otherwise.

“Fawaz has obviously launched a press campaign against me. This morning there was a Radio broadcast at around 9.30 a.m. on 98.7 (Universal Radio),” the German said

“The owner of this Radio Station is a close friend of Hadj Fawaz and regularly visits his office.”

His full name is Josiah Paris. Phone + 32 78 508813,” Olaf discontentedly stated in an email copied The New Age Newspaper.

“I have not been contacted by the Radio Station as would be obliged of them to do so in order to give me time for a response.”

“It is my understanding that this does not only create a professional misconduct but raises liability issues. We should contact the Editor and make it clear to him that we will sue him for damages if he does not correct his statements within 48 hours,” Olaf’s instruction to his lawyer hours after Universal Radio put on air the alleged libelous story against his person.

It is a fact Olaf is the CEO of German Drilling Group, with Fawaz and one Archibald Arcaute (a French national) as shareholders.

Last week he was at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Freetown owing to allegations of conspiracy to defraud complained against him by Fawaz.

He was held for two days but was released only when the German Ambassador to Sierra Leone Wolfgang Wiethoff intervened.

Sources say Fawaz has fell out with Olaf and has caused the police take from him (Olaf) his official vehicle, personal apple laptop, other documents seemingly unrelated to the complaint under investigation.

Olaf who initially was accused of conspiracy to defraud later had his claim changed to embezzlement of company’s money (nine hundred and eight thousand dollars), but at the intervention of the German Ambassador, the police inconsistently reduced the amount to four hundred and sixty five thousand dollars, showing and interpreting a complete wrongness on the part of the police.

However, Josiah has confirmed to this press that Universal Radio did air an interview with Fawaz but did not get the side of Olaf.
He denied nonetheless that the aired material hasn’t any defamatory undertone as alleged.

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