Corruption, Cronyism and Ego… Isha Johansen Term Ends Today

In four years of Isha Johansen’s reign as President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), football, they say, has gone from bad to worse with little or nothing to write home about.

That her time in power has been marred with negative syndromes hence the current ACC investigation on alleged misappropriation of billions of moneys meant for the development of football for the good of the game.

Isha alongside her Secretary General, Chris Kamara, were arrested and kept in smelly police cells for failing to comply with Sierra Leone’s anti-graft agency’s investigation.

SLFA, over the years, in particular Isha’s regime, failed upholding governance prerequisites of football by refusing to hold congress, where certainly the membership of football stakeholders will have scrutinized conducts of the FA.

The repeated avoidance by the administration of Isha not to have held congress as by the SLFA’s constitution stipulated, we are told, has been the cause for the unending football fracas years in and out.

That an attempt for the holding of a congress ended in name calling and, of course, deadlock.

Findings are that the usual Premier League as was held seasonally in the country has not been played under the leadership of Isha for the reason that her ego had not allowed her to sit with football stakeholders and trashed out looming issues.

Isha has even accused some of the stakeholders and football players of match fixing, but later told Parliament she made such an allegation for election purposes.

Recently, Isha also accused both the Minister of Sports and his Deputy of dishonesty, claiming however that because the date for the holding of congress which was scheduled for 15th July (last month) was deferred owing to FIFA’s instruction, the said ministry officials have accused her ‘of not wanting to give an account to her membership.’

Allegations are that Isha lately went to the FIFA HQ where she painted the country in a bad light as though everyone in Sierra Leone does not have integrity, which also has seen FIFA suspending the holding of the football ordinary congress.

Meanwhile, football administrators have backed popular businessman and sport contributor, Sanusi Buski Kargbo for the presidency of the FA.

On the flip side, Isha only held two FA Cup competitions and trained lots of football coaches, but generally her administration has been marred with negativity questions.