Assertions by senior party officials are that the meeting of National Advisory Committee (NAC) members for today may make or break the ruling APC party.

Today’s NAC meeting, sources say, will decide the destiny of APC ahead of the March 2018 multitier elections.
It is true there was an emergency NAC meeting last week that reportedly ended in deadlock shortly after party officials boldly told it to the face of the President that they will not sit by and see him imposes his cousin, John Bornor Sisay, as inheritor and next APC presidential flagbearer.

A source has also told the New Age that a certain APC NAC member, who doubles as Paramount Chief, frankly also told compatriots NAC members present in the last meeting that “nobody, not even President Koroma, has the strength of character to impose a leader on the party come 2018.”

But because the meeting had reportedly ended in deadlock, it was agreed that another NAC meeting be conveyed today March 7th and every other Tuesday until after the general elections, to determine benchmarks explaining how the next party leadership (presidential) will be chosen.

This, in the estimation of the membership of APC, has predicted misgivings and divisiveness in the party in the months to come, and as aspirants’ battle for the flagbearer position ahead of 2018.

That as at last week, five have declared their intentions of becoming APC’s next presidential candidate, with six still not made their intentions public.

Alpha Kanu, Alimamy Pepito Koroma and Sam Sesay, all on one occasion, Ministers and Ambassadors, last week, resigned their positions to become APC’s presidential candidate, possibly country’s next President, while Kelfalah Marah, Ibrahim Bundu, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, Minkailu Mansaray, Ambassador Alimamy Kamara still occupying relevant public positions but want to contest for the top position in the APC.

Unconfirmed reports have it that APC intends invoke section 6.9.3 paragraph (f) of the December 1995 APC constitution (the alleged doctored constitution), which makes provision for ‘selection’ of the party’s flagbearer, who shall be the presidential candidate in the next elections.

To this, we are told, has ignited debates from among superior party officials including intending flagbearer aspirants as to the party’s future and what become of it in a situation an ‘election’ is ignored in place of ‘selection’ for the next flagbearer.

However, others say the future of the party will be determined in today’s NAC meeting, where no doubt the membership will meet to signpost the way for leadership in the APC.


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