Civil Registration May Disenfranchise Voters

By Alhaji Koroma

Director General Civil Registration Commission, Foday Kamara has told journalists that if people fail to register four weeks after the process may have started, they may not vote in the 2018 elections.

He made this disclosure at a press briefing held at his Tower Hill office in the central business district of Freetown.

“The Civil Registration card will substitute for voters’ identification card in the coming elections,” DG Kamara said.

“This is because we want to compile the voters’ lists for the National Electoral Commission as early as possible.”
The process, he emphasized, is expected to begin early this year.

That it will involve the registration of residents in Sierra Leone for a multipurpose identification card, which he said will replace ID cards used by citizens in their daily activities.

He said the IDs include voter and national cards.
According to DG Kamara, the process will be referred to as “mass registration” and will be free of cost for Sierra

Leoneans, but said foreigners will have to pay for it.

He said Sierra Leoneans will only pay if they are doing replacements.

Adding: “to facilitate the involvement of all, the commission will guarantee registration centers in chiefdoms in the provinces and in constituencies in the Western Area respectively.

On the other hand, political analysts have viewed the announced civil registration exercise as disadvantageous, adding nonetheless that the process itself isn’t popularized and many potential voters may tend not to take advantage of it.

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