Citizens blasts Members of Parliament

Concern citizens have blasted Members of Parliament for tabling a bill geared towards putting an outlandish package for outgoing MPs and even the Speaker.

The bill, according to report will make provision for the outgoing Speaker to receive a whooping amount as a take home of about $USD 12,000, two expensive cars, a cook, security, travelling allowance and other emolument.

Members of the public has condemned such a move, saying it is not only untimely but also not in the best interest of the country at a time of frightening economic hardship.

They maintained that why should tax payers’ money be used in such a manner when the government sometimes ago introduced austerity measures in a bid to cushion the effect of the collapse in the mining sector and Ebola outbreak in order to raise more money for other very important development activities.

Members of the public are still demanding to know if the austerity measures introduced have been lifted and how much the government saved during the period under review and what it plans to do with it.

Concerns are rife among members of the public Members of Parliament, who are making the laws are now putting handsome retirement package for themselves, while forgetting about the ordinary suffering masses such as women,

children, persons with disability and most importantly civil servants who are getting pittance upon retirement.

Equally so, people are very frustrated that barely three months to elections NEC is still being underfunded, while MPs are busy rushing through a bill for their own good.

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