Life na paw-paw yah.

It is surprising how two best of friends become foe within a very short time. CHARLIE BOY and SUPREMO moved all over this country campaigning with SUPREMO and gave reasons why SALONE people should vote for SUPREMO but this same CHARLIE BOY has suffered a lot from his good friend to the point that his land at Aberdeen was robbed away from him by SUPREMO’s Wife, BOBIES UP. Hmm Mortal Man nor guarantee.

Following the announcement of election’s date by SUPREMO and the controversy surrounding the manner in which date was announced and the 15 days that were added by the one and only SUPREMO, his ones good pal CHALIE BOY of Democracy Movement has advised SUPREMO on the potential implication of his dictatorial tendencies.

SUPREMO’s friend said that being as it may, if SALONE should go with the announced date of March 7 2018 and the action challenged in court it means the following:

 The Conduct of the Elections would have been an exercise in futility

 All moneys would have gone down the drain

CHARLIE BOY furthered that for SUPREMO to solve the hue and cry about his alleged unconstitutional act, he should ask the court to interpret the sections in the constitution that talk about election.

Come to think of it, CHARLIE BOY may have opened the eyes of SUPREME to exploit his more time agenda by ensuring that the elections become an exercise in futility.

But what is the BAR ASSOCIATION doing in all of this, in other countries when there is a constitutional discrepancies it is the Bar Association that will take the matter to the court for interpretation in the public interest.

TOO BAD for Bar Association!


Are you sure Fourah Bay College is 190 years old? I am not too sure because the so called celebration was very dull even though it was graced by no less a person than SUPREMO who himself is an alumnus of the college but it is doing his rain that FBC reached the bottom of academia.

Even though there is a project for the rehabilitation and expansion of Fourah Bay College, but the project has changed over night from rehabilitation and expansion to only rehabilitation.

Instead of the administration gave the consultancy to the Engineering department of the college, they gave it to a close relative of SUPREMO who made millions of dollars.

The contract was latter awarded to the a Guinean Company despite SUPREMO is talking about local content policy.

What baffled SONKOH SONKOH when he visited the rehabilitation of the college, all what SONKOH SONKO saw is panting of the hostels and some lecturer’s quarters as nothing much is being done.

As SUPEMO said that there is a need for sober reflection on FBC, Sonkoh Sonkoh believes that the reflections should start with SUPREMO because he doubles as the head of the University of Salone and it will be good after reflecting to ensure that he should not be the Chancellor anymore.

Hope that SUPREMO will listen!!


In Sierra Leone, students don’t have any right, all they should do is to obey and complain later.

It is sickening to see other students in the other universities going for classes while students of Njala University are yet to start classes all because the lecturers are striking for monies owed them by government since 2013. What an interesting country?

Even the families of deceased lecturers who should be enjoying the benefits of those lecturers have not received their monies! Akeh nor good O! Doya una pay dem lecturer dem!

The impact of this indefinite strike action by the lecturers is definitely on the poor students who have paid their fees but they are not taking classes.

In the jungle when two elephants fight, it is the grass that will suffer the pain.

This government does not seem to care about education at all. All they care about is their grip on power and corrupt acquisition wealth.


  • February 24, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    salone!!! one amazingly disgustingly sickening and hopelessly reckless country in all its political leadership, civil services, military, crooks police force, totally an unenlightened/sycophancy news media people, social and cultural and the whole tales of private and public ordinary people bonded together in their unholy truth of a country and its xtremely very small minded pitiful people, degenerating itself hopelessly blind into the abyss of hell on this planet earth.

    this hell abyss is being done to them by there beloved his excellency, dr., who so much love salone so much only for himself greed and his family of tenminee ape/apc brethren. weirdnest kamara/koroma are the saddest/despair for salone to have ever happens to that country. and even more sadder is that kind of continuing/perpetual steep downward drive in all aspect of the ordinary man and woman’s life in that cursed land and its people.

  • March 15, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    folks of salone have you heard the latest news from thugs and drug dealers weirdNest kamara/koroma admin!???… FIGHTING.

    this is NOT beyond belief, NUT’S a beggar’s belief. Justices Freeslums kamara (JFK-LOL) in his natural self as being said all along. ”COME ON FOLKS THIS IS A TOTAL DISGRACE TO OUR HUMANITY AND TO THE COUNTRY/NATOIN”.

    these apes/apc are totally devoid of shame, integrity and sound judgement, simply as has been said all along that this tenminee THUGS are basically animals all of them, shamefully disgraceful apes/apc they are that are ruining that country to the filth that they are. very sad despaired salone!???<<<

    and here is Justice Freeslums kamara (jfk) (LOL) THIS APE LOOKING HUMANOID with his bro WeirdNest koroma who has been all along unfit and total incompetent in his duties to lead instead filling in his admin with filths APES the likes of Justice Freeslums koroma/kamara (JFK-LOL) who thinks with his bro to becoming leader!???<<<.

    where are all his leadership awards skills and disciplines he had achieved!???<<

    where are this ape leadership skills and disciplines as justices freeslum he is holding at present!???<<< sad, so sad salone folks.

    and who is really surprised with these kind of rawly and very lowest tenminee behaviours!??? with these APES LOOKING HUMANOIDS!!!???<<<TEMINEE PEOPLE!!!???SAD SO SAD salone folks.


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