Changing the looks of the young generation… ANOTHER TWIST IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY- Salone Times

With Mariama B. Bah
Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture, to name but a few. In ancient times clothing from the ancient Greek and Roman times was based more on function rather than style. The industry in Sierra Leone faced a setback due to the ebola outbreak in the country. One institution that wants to bring it back to its past glory is Magdul Enterprises popularly called, Payless. This is a one stop fashion shop situated at Number 5 Adelaide Street west of Freetown. The shop could be located just after the petrol station.
Magdul Enterprises aka Payless fashion shop is here to make the difference in fashion industry as they have introduced new sets of fashion in the market. .
Life is full of fashion and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses.
It is the prevailing styles in behavior and the newest creations of textile designers. In line with the above, Magdul Enterprises is here to bring out all the latest and prevailing designing at your door at a cheaper rate.
In an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of Magdul Enterprises, Margaret Bairoh said Magdul Enterprises is here to make the difference and to change the looks of the young generation.
How she is going about changing the looks of the young generation especially women, she explained that it is by bringing less cost designs for them that will make them look good at all times.
According to her, one unique quality which Magdul Enterprises has is that a man can forget his woman once she does her shopping to them because she will not only get the best but also she will look different and sweet for her man.
She went on to say that Magdul Enterprises sells wholesale and retail.
Magdul Enterprises started over 10 years ago, as a food stuff enterprises but for her to add value in the lives of young people, she decided to switch to fashion as her contribution to the state.
Margaret described fashion as a nice thing and she added that she enjoys it the more when she used to seeing people coming to choose their style for a specific occasion.
“How they are going to pose with such dresses and how they are testing the dresses to see if it will fit them, gladdens me,” she added
She said her target is the young and middle age as this generation is more of young and middle age but stressed that if an old person too wants to get younger again Magdul Enterprises can do that for them by changing their fashion.
Despite the trend of ebola in the country, Margret said she still wants to thank God for business.
Sales Manager Alimamy S. Dumbuya described his relationship with customers as a friendly one despite their pressure and their negotiating power at times.
“I am enjoying what I am doing right now more especially when customers surround the center to choose their stuff for their occasion,” he said.
He said Magdul Enterprises is here for them as such enterprise was established to add value for their money.
“We have the best customers’ prices for any dress you want and we will continue to give you the best in customer’s certification.
The top fashion that can change your looks in a second can be found at Magdul Enterprises such as shoes, tops, belts and jeans among others.
“Why not if yes, add value for your money by visiting Magdul Enterprises today and change the looks for your boyfriend and husband to love you again and again,” said Kadijatu Jalloh one of the latest fashion stars.

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