Cameroonian Wins Le200 million Mercury’s Jackpot

The number one Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International has on Monday 18th December, 2017 made another millionaire by the name of FOMONYUY EUGEN LUKONG who won a whopping amount of Two hundred million two hundred and Seven thousand Nine hundred Leones (Le 200, 207, 900).

As a tax compliance Company, it has since its inception paid taxes due the national revenue authority (NRA) and has on behalf winner Lukongpaid the sum of Fourty Eight Million Two hundred and Six thousand three hundred Leones (Le48, 206, 300) to the NRA too.

This has proved how credible and reliable Mercury is and how committed it is in going things unavoidably legal.
Presenting cash price to winner Lukong, Operation Manager Mercury International, Mr. Joseph Herb, congratulates the former becoming one of Mercury’s made millionaires.

He said Lukong is a lucky man and of course the highest individual winner in 2017.

“We have got individual winners but Lukong has been the highest. We look forward to see big winnings coming from our esteemed customers,” He stated.

“I encourage you to take good care of this life changing amount.Such is not easy to come by and winning it should be a blessing, not a curse.”

He said Mercury has shown that it is a credible, reliable and dependable Company.”

Lukong had used Le5, 000 to win a whopping 200 million and above.

“This is not my first winning; I have won (Le1.8 million) in 2014 by staking a bet on football. I have won three (3) numbers from the 4/50 jackpot product and last year I also won (Le7, 000,000). I have bet for nine (9) teams that led to my winning.The 4/50 Jackpot and football are my favorite products,” Lukong said.

“My motivation for Mercury International came from the very first day I played Mercury because I was lucky to have won that ticket. I’m a specialist in determining the strength of teams; I follow their injury list, etc, which helps me in staking my bets.”

Asked what he will do with the over 200 million he won, he said,“I have an established business. I intend broadening the capacity of my business and I pray Mercury International will remain forever. I will continue to play Mercury forever.”

He admonished the public that Mercury is real and urgedall to be part of Mercury as they never know what tomorrow will bring for them.

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