The pettiness and foolishness of Students Union Politics seem creeping into internal politics of the ruling APC ahead of the party’s election of national executive.

Same has raised ugly heads within confines of the party’s National Youth League, as they prepare for their elective congress in the District headquarter town of Port- Loko.

Incumbent Youth League President Bai Mamoud Bangura, who doubles as current Youth Minister, and was a member of the Liberals Club, the biggest of political clubs in the White Camp of FBC, is seeking for a re-election.

Main challenger Ibrahim Yusuf Beloz Bangura, the son of former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Health and now the current Special Envoy on Sexual Violence of the United Nations, Zainab Hawa Bangura, stiffly battles incumbent Bai Mamoud for the Youth League Prexy.

Bangura is a legal practitioner working in the Office of the President and the legal adviser in the Youth League too.
During his time at FBC, he was a Blackman and a member of one of the biggest social clubs in the Black Family- Klymax Breed.

Youths believed to be supporters of incumbent Bai Mamoud have questioned the true loyalty of challenger Beloz Bangura.

They claim he was a black man and that at the time the Bai Mamoud and others were reviving the National Union of APC Students in 2006, he wasn’t with them and had refused joining them.

Others too have questioned the use of Students Unionism in national politics, as according to them, such may create discord and will destroy the APC as a grass root party.

One of Beloz Bangura’s strong men is former Youth League President, Alimamy Koroma, of course a founding member of the Generals Entity now called the White Camp.

It has become habits of members in the APC party questioning membership loyalty of others, particularly those they believe were not with them whilst not in governance.

Others say it is not whether someone joined the party 30 years ago or of late, and that it matters not because, according to them, even President Koroma wasn’t APC but a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of late Thiamu Bangura.


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