Indeed black man sorry na laf o mi fambul dem!!

Even though the SUPERMAN OF SALONE is gone, people should not caricature him the way they did with the one at Fourah Bay Road, Freetown.

At least those who had designed that built alien burst for the late SUPERMAN must have known it that that effigy is of course definitely not of the late man.

SONKOH SONKOH believes those who did that disgraceful act were the same who negligently caused what led to his untimely death.

They knew the SUPERMAN was sick, but forced him to make a surprise trip to Europe and London so that they will make huge money from him.

And you know what? He (SUPERMAN) was made to swallow energy drinks so that they could full their pocket with blood money as though they are themselves not going to die.

God nor dae Sleep O! And if the SUPERMAN was alive, he would have used money wasted on the so-called unidentified structure on the poor of society.

He would rather have given it to the mosques than to the wicked of society.

Besides, the MUSLIM Community of which the SUPERMAN was a staunch member is against building effigy for a late man, not to talk of an unidentified one.

All we know the SUPERMAN needs now is prayer. And only Prayer will save him.

What beats SONKOH SONKOH’s imagination is that no less a person than our very own SUPREMO unveiled a statue without an identity, but failed to attend the funeral of the late the SUPERMAN, rather attended the wedding of his cousin who wants to replace him as country’s next president, YOHNNY DI RUTILE.


This is what many have naked robbery you know!!

Imagine a Minister in SUPREMO’s Gofment, Kemzo publicly displaying wealth amassed amounting to Le 100 Million at a time people are finding it hard to eat a single meal a day.

The surprise anyhow, is that the said amount was meant for registration process oh!

Even the disrespect he showed to the money of a whole nation by displaying it on table and in the full view of the public, backed with all the big talk, is but bad for this country.

This was the same man that was sacked because of a COCAINE PLAIN that landed in the country long ago and he does not seem to be learning his lessons now that he is being given another chance.

Had ADA CORRUPTION a serious man, he should have immediately arrested KEMZO then have him frog-matched to the court for unexplained wealth, abuse of office, which of course are offences in the UNCLE CORRUPTION ACT.

It seems as if party FALLING SUN is forgetting that if it were money they shouldn’t have won the 2007 elections.
SONKOH SONKOH wants party FALLING SUN have it in mind that SALONE People are not cheap and cannot be bought with stolen money.

Another sleepless night for people of Sierra Leone as mobile companies connives with country’s regulators to increase prices of top up cards without consulting with the people.
Already there are increases in the tariffs of electricity and water and now they have increased the prices of top up cards at the expense of the people.
The most perturbing part is the fact that people are doing this thing without considering the suffering masses who are unable to go to school and don’t have better health facilities but have been living a rag tag life.
SONKOH SONKOH knows however that the head of country’s telecommunications regulators is people centered and will not want him disappoint the people this time around, as those blood sucking mobile companies want him does.

10 thoughts on “BLACK MAN SORRY NA LAF YA!!

  • April 5, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Recently Release Report From Salone’s World Bank Country Manager, Parminder Brar.

    ”The Sierra Leone World Bank Country Manager, Parminder Brar, has accused the government of corruption and mismanagement of funds provided to it by the World Bank for various developments across the country.

    He dismissed claims that Sierra Leone is a poor country, stating that the country is very rich, but its citizens are suffering and living in extreme poverty as a result of bad governance, mismanagement and corruption perpetuated by ministries, agencies and departments.”

    Therefore, the ”Core Values Of Democracy, Good Government And The Rule Of Law” is tragically in Non-existence in salone.

    -By Creeping In undemocratic Nepotism in his apc apes party, will leads only to senseless incompetency in all levels of government in that land. We remember
    siaka thieven and momoh. so that they feel safe and secured in retirement. Sad

    -By senselessly destructive practices of rampant corruption in Government, Civil Services, Judiciary, Police, Businesses,- Private and Public AND From the Executive DOWN to the sleepy watchmen. Sad

    -And By the total disregards and warping/distortion of the rule of law by this admins’ incompetent president, ministers, judiciary, police whom, above all are above the Law of the Land as we’ve seen many times from drug trafficking, to total misuse by ministers and co-gang of the country’s resources for their only benefits and vanities. Sad.

  • April 6, 2017 at 1:21 pm

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