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It is understood that the newly-appointed Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara who until his appointment was the anti-graft czar at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has on Monday 11th January 2015 declared his assets at a short ceremony held in the conference room of the ACC at Gloucester Street in Freetown.

Political and social commentators are of the view that declaring assets alone is a very good start for Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara and he should first of all ensure that all judges, magistrates and lawyers including all other Judiciary staff follow suit.

In other words, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara could make his first big task be the declaration of assets by all judges, magistrates and lawyers.

This would be in place in order to serve as a very bright and important example and precedent set by the people who interpret the laws of the land.

All throughout his tenure as the anti-corruption czar in the country, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara never once dared touch the ‘sacred’ issue of dissecting the office of Attorney General and that of Minister of justice although he cannot deny that President Koroma had made that one of his priorities during his 2007 campaign.

In fact, it can now be expected of Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara to tackle all those legal issues which are responsible for Sierra Leone lagging behind in terms of political and legal development.

At the same time however, a number of people are extremely cautious and even afraid that the appointment of Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara is a deliberate arrangement to ensure that he tags along and supports President Koroma in his third term or more time bid.

If this is the case then Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara would not be doing this country a favor because it would eventually become evident that after all, he was not the upright and unblemished man we all had thought and appreciated him to be.

However, it is hoped that this would not be the case.

What would be the case is to see Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara taking up legal issues that are archaic or outdated.

Sierra Leoneans expect Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara to ensure that the justice system is rebranded, upgraded and working properly for the average Sierra Leonean.

We expect Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara to institute or put in place mechanisms which would ensure that court cases are dealt with swiftly and bail issues reviewed to ensure equity and quality in justice dispensation.

A lot is expected of Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara and he cannot fail us; not after all the good work he has done while serving in the ACC.

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