Sources close to the family of the late Moseray Fadika have intimated SALONE TIMES that family members and some friends are beginning to fight for the properties left behind by the late man.

“Even before the late philantrophist and business tycoon will rest in his grave, people have begun to scramble for the late man’s fortune,” SALONE TIMES source explained.

According to our source, as soon as the man died people working at one of his construction sites in the western part of Freetown started stealing some of the materials that he bought for the construction of that building.

SALONE TIMES also learnt that even the briefcase and credit card of the late man has not been seen by the family up till this time, neither has there been given any reasonable explanation with regards the missing briefcase and credit card.

It could be recalled that the late Ambassador Moseray Gibiril Santge Fadika was buried on the 19 of August 2016 after a civic funeral at the Miatta Conference Center in which the Vice President, Victor Boackarie Foh and other senior government officials were in attendance.

It is believed that he owns properties that even the family members are not aware of and those privy to such information are busy helping themselves.


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