Beware! Terrorists Have Long Arms- Trumpet Newspaper

As the world is in the age of widespread terrorism and terrorist activities with not a day going by without hearing one terrorist attack in a part of the world, Sierra Leone too should be wary of such evil manifesting itself within our borders.

It is a fact that security matters in this country are nothing to write home about.

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has been known for being incapable of maintaining security during crucial events and has even been accused of causing breakdown of law and order in the way and manner they go about performing their duty and in the process gunning down in cold blood innocent souls.

Then of course, it is no gainsaying the fact that Sierra Leone has more porous borders than it has official routes and in such a situation, can we truly convince ourselves as a nation that we are safe from infiltration by terrorists or their allies?

Then there is the poverty factor which can also lead hungry or disgruntled people to seek solace in terrorist activities.

Then we also have the political angle which can also lead aggrieved parties to seek extraneous ways they can make their voices heard…and terrorism could be a means and these put together is a recipe for terrorism or terrorist activities in any country Sierra Leone not exempted.

It is generally believed that Sierra Leone has no links with terrorist groups. It is also believed that terrorists have no reason to launch attacks on Sierra Leone for whatever reasons.

However, it is important to note that terrorism has more ways of infiltrating a country than one can imagine.

For the flimsiest of reasons, a man can decide to join a terrorist organization and the organization would be only too happy to oblige by funding and arming dissidents in any country Sierra Leone not exempted.

Therefore, it is the view of many people that this ‘more time’ thing if not nipped in the bud is fodder for dissent and if not handled properly could degenerate into full blown dissention. This is avoidable if only the voice of the people is adhered to by those in power.

But since Sierra Leoneans are a peaceful and law-abiding set of people, it is expected that in the long run and before matters come to a head over this ‘more time’ issue, President Koroma in his wisdom would settle this matter once and for all when he graciously bows out when his term expires.

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