Between President Koroma and Apprentice Khanu… WHO IS SAYING THE TRUTH

By all indications the ruling All People Congress party has run out of their usual propaganda antics as they have been caught pants down visavis their construction of a 7 storey Chinese Building at No. 27 Pultney Street in the capital of Freetown.

This is because the former adviser to President Koroma who is also the current spokesperson of the ruling All People Congress party and presidential aspirant, Alhaji Alpha Khanu has said that it is the APC that is building the 7 storey structure of the party and not the communist party of China.

Alhaji Alhpa Khanu, the self-proclaimed apprentice said on a popular radio show that the party is only collaborating with Communist Party of China, adding that ” the APC is building the 7 storey edifice and not the Chinese Communist Party.”

This contravenes what the President Koroma who in his capacity as Chairman and Leader of the ruling party said while turning the sod for the construction of the structure.

Unlike Apprentice Khanu, President Koroma pointed out that the party established close relations with China and has never limited China’s help to Sierra Leone to APC alone.

Others have questioned the motive of the Chinese in building a 7 storey party office for a political movement which according to them is complete violations of both international laws and the laws of Sierra Leone.

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) said that construction of a seven story building for the ruling APC by the Communist Party of China is both political corruption and a complete violations of section 19 sub section 1 of the Political Parties Registration Act of 2002.

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