Battle… APC Fight Heats Up

The fight for leadership in the ruling APC has seen would-be contenders scrutinized ahead of contest months from now.

Pundits say persons showing interesting for the party’s leadership look like having too many cobwebs in their storerooms, and may apparently have their bad pasts hunt them.

Two of the eleven identified presidential hopefuls- Alpha Khan and the late Moseray Fadika- have since made a formal declaration, making known their intentions of becoming Sierra Leone’s next president after Ernest Koroma in 2018.


Fadika’s unfortunate death disappoints many.

His death has come as a shock to considerable number of Sierra Leonean youths who have viewed such in a much different way.

Alpha Khanu, on the other hand, has had his brother, Kemoh Sesay, recently coming down hard on him, disapproving his bid for presidency on grounds that he (Khanu) isn’t a presidential material and has announced his intention at a time the APC and Sierra Leoneans were mourning loss of a hero and comrade- Morseray Fadika.


Khanu is said to have signed one of Sierra Leone’s most horrible mining agreements with AFRICAN MINERALS and LONDON MINING COMPANIES, that which has seen the country losing billions just like that.

Many have questioned the integrity of Khanu, nicknaming him “Alhaji Abuja” even as they reflect 2004, a time he was a member of parliament and was tasked to take Sierra Leonean Muslims to Saudi Arabia in fulfillment of one of the pillars of Islam, but failed woefully and as a result make them do theirs in Nigeria owing to alleged mismanagement.


Joseph Kamara (Attorney General and Minister of Justice), named as one of number of APC’s presidential hopefuls was involved in an accident at Rogbereh on a Sunday (non-working day), weeks ago, the result of which has seen a government vehicle worth over eight hundred million smashed beyond repair.

This, no doubt, has compelled a call for an investigation of the said accident and to as well prove whether the trip leading to the incident was ‘official’ or ‘private.’

Alimamy Pepito Kamara, the now Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to China, is presumably also eyeing the hot seat.

He was sacked as Minister of Works on the alleged belief that he had mismanaged road projects, leaving number of roads in the city with myriad of pot holes.

Current Bank Governor, Kelfala Marah, seems likewise interested becoming President Koroma’s heir.


His current position, many say, looks like a complete relegation- as Minister of Finance to now Bank Governor- owing to presumed underperformance.

Business man and Sierra Leone’s Rutile Managing Director, John Bonor Sisay, has covertly thrown his hat into the ring too.
Concerns have been raised over the country’s share at Sierra Rutile, how it was sold, which questions need answered by Sisay if he is to be ticked for presidency.

And in the recent past, it is reported that the brother of Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh, Bockarie Momoh Foh was caught on tape while manipulating the withdrawal of about USD 3000 from a covertly operated bank account at Commercial Bank, being money set aside for this year’s pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

This, many say, is likely to dimple the Vice President’s supposed intention for leadership of the APC ahead of 2018 presidential election.

It is pictured nonetheless that almost all of those showing interest in the leadership of the APC have seemingly had their hands in disputed happenings, which obviously will likely see them banned or not go through at all.

Apart from Morseray Fadika, who is now late, the race for leadership in the APC has been viewed as a ‘combat battle’ and that those spending time luring party stalwarts blow their horns seem to have their dreams shattered.

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