The Presidential Spokesman, Abdulai Gbaratay has cleared the air in Freetown that Government has no need or intention to fight the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

He dilated that NEC is an independent body established by an Act of Parliament which means it is operating within its mandate but not by order from anybody.

According to the Presidential Spokesman, Sierra Leone has been praised by the international committee as not only a democratic nation but has been conducting free, fair, transparent and credible elections for the past decade.

He emphasized on President Koroma’s unflinching support to ensure that the country conduct a peaceful election because he wanted the nation to continue enjoying the peace we have been fighting for and mentioned that President Koroma has appealed to the international community to step in and fill any funding gap that may disturb the smooth operation of NEC.

He assured that President Koroma does not intend to add another term when his terms of office could have expired after the 2018 general elections, because “he wants to hand over power peacefully to the next presidential aspirant who may emerge as winner of the next presidential election.”

He described the speculation that President Koroma would declare a State of Emergency to facilitate his continuous stay in power as fallacious and mischievous.

He discussed that Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are united to support free, fair, transparent and peaceful elections.

In another development, Baratay spoke about terrorism as the new social threat to global security and accounted that when Mali was confronted by terrorist attack, Sierra Leone wrote a check of one million dollars to help consolidate peace among Malians.

He advised that Sierra Leoneans should be placed to fight any issue dealing with terrorism.


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