It was 27th April 1961 that a politician Sir Milton Margai led Sierra Leone to independence from Great Britain and became country’s first Prime Minister. Thousands of Sierra Leoneans took to the streets in celebration.

Officially Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea to the north-east, Liberia to the south-east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south-west.

Sierra Leone has a tropical climate with a diverse environment ranging from savannah to rainforests.
Sierra Leone has a total area of 71,740 km (27,699 sq mile and a population of 7,075,641 based on 2015 national census.

Rich in minerals countless, it has secured independence some 56 years ago, yet has had nothing to show as a nation and as a people.

As at year ending 2016, the ruling ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS party imposes austerity measures which certainly have made no impact some six months down the line.

And as we speak, it was recently told that a diamond weighing 709 carats was found in the country’s diamondiferous Kono district in the eastern province.

Whether or not such a diamond has the potency of changing the face of a poverty, remoteness, undeveloped country, etc, is but the hundred plus questions unanswered.

Anyhow, and not wanting to waste breathe on what’s now a Sierra Leone at 56, allow me here present to you a pictographic explanation of things as seen and observed though.

Read cartoon below:


5 thoughts on “AT 56, AT SO SO CORRUPTION

  • May 24, 2017 at 10:34 am

    Africa and it’s Corrupt, Incompetent, Brainless, Appalling and Foolishly Suicidal Leadership!<?.

    More wealth leaves Africa every year than enters it – by more than $40bn (£31bn) – according to research that challenges “misleading” perceptions of foreign aid and profound and gross whole sale Corruptions by it's own Leadership, like in the case of SIERRA LEONE LEADERSHIP.

    Analysis by a coalition of UK and African equality and development campaigners including Global Justice Now, published on Wednesday, claims the rest of the world is profiting more than most African/Sierra Leone citizens from the continent’s/country's wealth.

    It said African countries received $162bn in 2015, mainly in loans, aid and personal remittances. But in the same year, $203bn was taken from the continent, either directly through multinationals repatriating profits and illegally moving money into tax havens, or by costs imposed by the rest of the world through climate change adaptation and mitigation or through MASSIVE CORRUPTION BY SIERRA LEONE POLITICAL LEADERSHIPS.

    This led to an annual financial deficit of $41.3bn from the 47 African countries where many people remain trapped in perpetual poverty by their own Leadership and Government, according to the report, Honest Accounts 2017. Sierra Leone is a typical archetypal case in optic.

    The campaigners said illicit financial flows, defined as the illegal movement of cash between countries, account for $68bn a year, three times as much as the $19bn Africa receives in aid. Sierra Leone a point of case here.

    Tim Jones, an economist from the Jubilee Debt Campaign, said: “The key message we want to get across is that more money flows out of Africa than goes in, and if we are to address poverty and income inequality we have to help to get it back from their own insensitive LEADERS who Bank all the wealth in foreign lands and banks and build castles on sand.”

    The key factors contributing to this inequality include unjust debt payments and multinational companies hiding proceeds through tax avoidance, corruption and a massive grossly misuse of their citizens and country's natural wealth by their own Leadership, he said. The Leadership in SIERRA LEONE is a good case in optic.

    African governments received $32bn in loans in 2015, but paid more than half of that – $18bn – in debt interest, with the level of debt rising rapidly.

    The prevailing narrative, where rich country governments say their foreign aid is
    helping Africa, is “a distraction and misleading”, the campaigners said.

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