Assassination Attempts on Musa Tarawally Backfires

As the ruling All People Congress party timelessly uses nameless strategies/tactics in ensuring that political parties posing threats in their backyards are prevented from taking part in the March 7 elections, things otherwise surprising have begun emerging.

It is true the APC recently have triggered the controversial dual citizenship law, a law many say they intend use against opponent political parties in a way disqualifying presidential candidates suspected of having dual citizenships status.

That because the Presidential Candidate of the CDP Coalition, Alhaji Musa Tarawally seems not affected by the ‘dual citizen ploy,’ moves are reportedly underway to have them (CDP coalition) knifed, but same has been dismissed as “a sleep dreaming impracticality.”

Meanwhile, reports reaching New Age from sources closed to Musa Tarawally are that the ruling party, having failed in their pursuit cowing their former organizing secretary from pursuing his ambition to contest for the Presidency of Sierra Leone in coming elections, have decided embarking on moves described “as desperate and dastard.”

That APC had used the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Sierra Leone Police to manipulatively dig up cases against Musa; compelling them identify oddities against him (Musa) as he once serve as Minister of Lands and Internal Affair Minister respectively, to, in a way, prosecute him of wrongdoing, which also has turned out foiled; giving the fact that both the ACC and Police have failed coming up with any factual evidence indicting him.

Recent revelations are that thugs closed to the ruling APC have vowed assassinating Musa so as to bar him contesting the March 7 election against a party he has served as a state minister in number of ministries- the APC.

Musa’s reaction to such insinuation is that ‘he believes in the Almighty Allah for promotion, and that nothing shall by no means stop him from pursuing his ambition of helping his people.’

It is true during the last APC convention, President Koroma who doubles as life Chairman and Leader of the ruling APC was spotted as saying “after I would have taken my decision, if anyone thinks he is popular, let him/her form his own party,” which is exactly what Musa Tarwally has done.

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