As Threat Mounts To Expose Secret Cult… Big Guns Go Berserk – Trumpet Newspaper

By Mohamed Kanu

Sorie Bangura, (late) with two others: Fuad Rahim Kamara and Hassan Conteh had been on hiding since 2011, upon developing the clout to bring the integrity of the powerful Poro Society into disrepute.

It emerged that the three were forcefully inducted into the Poro Society, and upon completion of the induction process; they conspired to expose the ‘menace and negative practices’ experienced during their induction in the secret bush – through the open.

This position of Sorie Bangura, Hassan Conteh and Fuad Rahim Kamara at the period stretched like wild fire, according to sources, and resultantly produced a reaction warranting the ‘conspirators’ to be arrested and dragged to the secret bush by any member of the cult, with a handsome rewards attached.

A fortnight ago, reports says, Sorie Bangura resurfaced at Makama village, Bombali district after being on the hide for so long and unfortunately for him, he was captured and dragged to the secret house for interrogation.

Therein, sources says, he was subjected to thorough beaten and starvation leading to his demise few days ago.

Yabom Bangura, a woman in her late 50’s who claimed to be a relative of the deceased has this to say:

‘’As traditionalist, we understood in clear terms what the Poro society is capable of doing. I don’t know why Sorie of all people even connived with friends to expose Poro Society.’’

However, senior members of Poro at Makama and the surrounding villages have openly denied playing any part in the death of Sorie Bangura.

To this end, a man in his early 60’s who claimed to be an uncle to the late Sorie Bangura but prefers anonymity, comments: ‘’The members of the Poro Society cannot possibly deny having any hand in the death of my nephew.

Their promises never failed! For God’s sake, they forced the young men into induction and declared them wanted some time back.

The police needs to be vibrant and expose all those who did such evil!’’

Meanwhile, the police are investigating to ascertain the death of Sorie Bangura while family members and friends are keen to know the direction of the remaining two: Fuad Rahim Kamara and Hassan Conteh, who are still said to be on the hide.

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