As Port-Loko Fights Port-Loko KEMOH SESAY Vs ALHAJI ABUJA

Sierra Leone Works Minister, Kemoh Sesay, appears to have crushed hopes of Alhaji Alpha Bakarr Khanu for presidency following his recent disapproval.

Sesay has shamed and condemned Alpha Khanu’s declaration vis-à-vis his intention of becoming Sierra Leone’s next president, labeling such an avowal as total ‘misplacement’ of thought

It is a fact Khanu who doubles as Presidential Adviser has not only shocked descendants of Port-Loko (his birth place) but Sierra Leoneans after his avowal to run for presidency come 2018.

Khanu on the other hand has described Sierra Leone as a “Lorry” and that he has been an apprentice to the driver President Koroma, over the years.

That he has never fought a losing battle, but said after examining persons showing interests for presidency and leadership of the APC, he’s of the conviction that amongst the rest, he stands out as the most excellent.

“Amongst those that have done well, I am the Primus Inter Pares (First among Equals),” Khanu said.
Continued: “I have learnt how to be President during tenures of Koroma’s leadership.”

“My qualities are sincerity, loyalty, longevity of service, and Commitment to the All People Congress party.”

He said he has served the APC as a Member of Parliament and as party spokesman, but affirmed nonetheless that issues bothering on academic qualifications are immaterial at the moment.

Khanu said he needs not be a popular candidate, but rather be in a popular political party during a presidential contest.
However, his hopes for presidency seem shattered shortly after his brother and political mate, Sesay, who happens to be the current Sierra Leone Works Minister, recently condemned him publicly.

Sesay has said that it was unsuitable of Khanu to have made such a declaration at a time their party (The APC) is mourning the loss of a comrade and philanthropist, Morseray Fadika.

He additionally stated that Khanu has not sought the blessing of his Port-Loko brothers before coming out with such a proposal.

Many also have questioned the integrity of Khanu, of course nicknaming him “Alhaji Abuja” even as they reflect 2004, a time he was a member of parliament and was tasked to take Sierra Leonean Muslims to Saudi Arabia in their fulfillment of one of the pillars of Islam, but regretfully failed, and making them do theirs in Nigeria owing to alleged mismanagement.

When Khanu was Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, he signed Sierra Leone’s most horrible mining agreements with African Minerals and London Mining companies, making the country benefitting little or nothing at all.

Being one of the current Special Advisers to the President, Khanu seems not liken by many because he is believed to have been accused of corruption (his using of his private airline for travelling, thereby fleecing the country of billions) whilst serving as Minister of Information and Communication then.

It is reported anyhow that there have been serious in-flight from within ranks of Port-Loko APC political heavyweights- Khanu and Sesay- not exempted at all.

Some strong APC members have had timeless moments referring to Port-Loko as virus, likely to cause severe divide in the party.

Not much is talked about in relation to Sesay’s condemnation of Khanu, whether it is a result of the alleged Port-Loko APC political divided or may he (Sesay) intends contesting for leadership too.

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