A source close to the Minister of Finance has told this press that his boss, Momodu Kargbo has interest in the leadership of the APC and of the country’s Presidency.

Momodu Kargbo has been an APC party member upon his return from the United States of America in 1979.

He is reportedly in the middle of few persons as brains of the APC party.

The records in the APC have it that Momodu is amongst the small number of individuals to have pioneered peace between the Edie Turay, Serry Kamal and the Ernest Bai Koroma factions, that which incidentally ushered the victory the party is now enjoying.

Findings also state that Momodu, Tom Obaleh, Konton Sesay and Sam Sesay are the persons who put ideas together in writing both the 2007 and 2012 manifestos of the APC.

From among the chain of command of the APC, Momodu is described by many as a disciplinarian because of his stance on prudent public financial management issues.

That owing to his strong economic principles in public financial management, good number of his colleague ministers including public officials do hold the opinion that he is but a grumpy statesman.

Others say, however, that if not for the efforts Momodu as finance minister, the now salvaged economy of Sierra Leone would have collapsed long ago.

New Age’s source further maintained that Momodu decided to make his intention days to the party’s convention because he never wanted to go against President Koroma’s instruction that ‘ministers should together work for the good of Sierra Leone and not keep their center of attention on politics until the time is ripe.

“Minister Momodu knows and believes in the APC,” the source affirmed.

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