As Muslims Justify Musa Tarawally… 50 MILLION LEONES FOR BEGGARS

By Alhaji Koroma

100 beggars have received Le500, 000 each from Ummah Welfare Trust, a British Islamic Organization affiliating with the Supreme Islamic Council Sierra Leone and of course one of country’s popular businessmen turned politician, Alhaji Musa Tarawally.

A total of Le 50 Million as Business Start up Grant was shared from among 100 disables and beggars at Short Street in the central business district of Freetown yesterday 7th June 2017.

Speaking at the ceremony, the former Minister of Internal Affair, later Lands, Alhaji Musa Tarawally said however that the donations they are making around the country have nothing to do with politics, but purely goodwill Islamic gestures.

He encouraged the beggars to use the 500,000 Leones business start up grant judiciously, to make them not be in the street as beggars anymore.

The beggars, on the other hand, expressed their appreciation to the Ummah Welfare Foundation and Musa Tarawally as they make a commitment that they will use the moneys the right way.

Meanwhile, and contrary to allegations that the former APC Minister (Musa) had received moneys from the Muslim leadership in exchange for lands, are woeful lies.

The Islamic leadership in the country has recently refuted such allegations, noting that they were malicious, and were aimed at denting the hard-earned reputation of Musa.

The head of the Islamic missionaries in Sierra Leone, Shiek Mohamed Abdul Zaki Kallon said that Musa has been helpful to the Islamic community in the Country.

He pointed out that some years back, the former Lands minister had aided them to own a Land at a time they had no money to construct a mosque at the Shell Lorry Park thus issuing them with documentations.

“He helped us got the said land without receiving a penny from us,” he emphasized.

He added that Musa has helped them own lands to construct mosques all over the country.
Head of the Supreme Islamic Council, Alhaji Tawa Jalloh confirmed that the former land minister gave them lands all over the country for free.

“If we have the likes of Musa, people would not suffer,” he stated

He clearly underscored the fact that Musa has been finding international donors to assist the Muslims in Sierra Leone.

He added that Musa has facilitated the construction of schools, colleges and mosques for Islam all over the country.

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