Lawyers representing Mohamed Ayoba Joaque have filed petition against the candidature of the Presidential Candidate of the ruling All People Congress Samura Kamara and of course the Chief Electoral Commission Nfa Alie Conteh respectively.

The Originating Notice of Motion referenced section 75(a) which states that ‘no person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of parliament unless he is a citizen of Sierra Leone (otherwise than by naturalization).

Section 76 (1)(a) (b) and (1)(h) states that no person shall be qualified for election as a Member of Parliament—
-if he is a naturalised citizen of Sierra Leone or is a citizen of a country other than Sierra Leone having become such a citizen voluntarily or is under a declaration of allegiance to such a country;
-if he is for the time being the President, the Vice-President, a Minister or a Deputy Minister under the provisions of this Constitution.

Section 41(a and b) states also that no person shall be qualified for election as President unless he—
-is a citizen of Sierra Leone;

-is otherwise qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament.

And section 35 states that ‘subject to the provisions of this section, political parties may be established to participate in shaping the political will of the people, to disseminate information on political ideas, and social and economic programmes of a national character, and to sponsor candidates for Presidential, Parliamentary or Local Government elections.

(2) The internal organisation of a political party shall conform to democratic principles, and its aims, objectives, purposes and programmes shall not contravene, or be inconsistent with, any provisions of this Constitution.

(3) A statement of the sources of income and the audited accounts of a political party, together with a statement of its assets and liabilities, shall be submitted annually to the Political Parties Registration Commission, but no such account shall be audited by a member of the political party whose account is submitted.

Relevant Sections in both the Public Elections Act and the Political Parties Registration Act were all referenced in notice of motion.

Other affidavits were also sworn in support of the originating notice of motion by the former Minister of Tourism, Victoria Saidu Kamara and the former Minister of Tourism now Chairman of NGC in Koinadugu District, Peter Bayouku Conteh.


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