Saturday 28th was seemingly regretful to the Muslim community seeing a prominent follower compromising religious belief for politics.

This came shortly after Honourable Chernor Maju Bah aka Chericoco joined thousands in a Paddle Devil Masquerade; a practice Muslims the world over have referred to as ‘ungodly’ and ‘uncalled for.’

The Muslim religion, since it establishment, has never compromised practices believed to be demeaning of the Islamic faith or trust.

The incident of Saturday 28th shocked majority Muslims who claimed seeing Chericoco clad in Paddle Devil Society dress, dancing with thousands, to perhaps say ‘thank you’ to president Koroma for selecting Samura Kamara as APC presidential candidate in the 2018 elections.

Cherricoco is Sierra Leone’s present deputy speaker of Parliament and lately the selected APC running mate. He is a Muslim and a Fullah by ethnicity.

He was also seen alongside his political masters- President Koroma and Samura Kamara- as they jointly cheer up the Paddle Devil dance on streets of Freetown past Saturday.

Our New Age’s source says however that the Fullahs (Chericoco’s ethnic group) sounded frustrated and disappointed seeing their son partake of a culture opposed to their traditional beliefs-Devil dancing.

They say Chericoco was grown up as a Muslim personality and therefore has no business to Devil or ‘Ordelay’ dancing at all.

It is claimed that Chericoco’s shared aim with Paddle Devil dancers, no doubt, demean the highly respected tradition of Fullahs, whose belief is opposed to bad cultural practices.

A Muslim cleric who identified himself as Sheik Ibrahim Sorie has stated in a post on the social media saying “Bismillāhir-Rahmānir-Raheen to those who recite the message. Indeed, our God is one. Allah has spoken in the Quran. His words are clear.

Tomorrow, APC will challenge Allah with a magnitude of devil parade across Freetown. President Koroma thinks devils elected him.

He did not spend for orphans, schools, hospitals, mosques or even church, but 28th October will mark other APC satanic parade in Freetown. Allah’s anger is upon those who participate in satanic parade. The Hajj money is unaccounted for.

Stay away from tomorrow’s rally. It is satanic.”

ADP’s Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, in a voice message on the social media said “APC spent over a billion and half Leones on the Paddle Devil parade.”

He laid emphasis on the fact that such is a complete waste of public’s money, but warned he will bring to book, all, if elected the next president of Sierra Leone in March 2018.

It is not known whether both the Muslim and Fullah communities intend put out statements reproving conduct of Chericoco or disassociate themselves from what they say is ‘unholy’ and ‘contradictory’ of both Muslim and Fullah traditional and religious beliefs.

Chericoco has been a member of parliament for two consecutive terms.

And being a Fullah, it is believed he is barred from practices demeaning or going against his tribe’s customary and religious beliefs.

The Paddle Hunting Society is one of Devil organizations established in Sierra Leone decades ago.

It is known for coming out once every year- Dunkay Sally.

That seeing them out this time and in commonality with the APC party, has raised doubt in minds of people that the Hunting Society has transformed itself to a political front.

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