Following SLFA’s Secretary General’s confirmation of building a hotel in Lungi, ACC’s Ady Macauley tells New Age: “Chris Kamara will soon receive his blessings.”

This came shortly after he (Chris Kamara) confirmed on social media Tuesday 21st in a whatsapp group called ‘OUR ISSUE’ that he is building a hotel in Lungi.

Kamara was put on the spotlight when incidentally he accused others in the group of being beneficiaries of gambling.

When later he was asked concerning allegations of public looting and the building of a hotel for which he and his Boss, Isha Johansen, are currently being investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission, Kamara boastfully responded saying: “Yes and it’s benefits me. I am blessed.”

Questioned whether he should be quoted, he threatened “you dare write anything about this on the newspaper. I will take you to court.”

When the New Age contacted the Anti Corruption Commissioner, Ady Macaulay, vis-à-vis Kamara’s comment on social media and of course the status of ACC’s investigation of officials of SLFA including Kamara himself, his reply was,
“Ok! Tell Chris he will soon receive his blessings”

It could be recalled that in the last quarter of 2016, the ACC arrested and kept in police cells both the President and Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Isha Johansen and Chris Kamara on matters relating to corruption.

As we speak, Kamara is currently being investigated for corruption related offences ranging from misappropriation of funds meant for the development of football in the country to TV rights.

Kamara was also contacted by the New Age Press as to his comment on OUR ISSUE social media group but said, “I am not going to say anything concerning that,” then rudely cut the call off.
More on this in our next editions.

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