As Billions Wasted… Youth Ministry Implicated

Despite efforts by government and of course development partners in tackling youth unemployment in the country, moneys meant for the redemption of young people have been frivolously wasted at the Ministry of Youths Affairs just like that.

Audit Service Sierra Leone recently completed performance audit on the Youth in Drainage Project which in utter disregard was singularly managed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

The report confirmed how moneys to the tune Le 15.391 billion disbursed by both the Road Maintenance Fund Administration (RMFA) and Commonwealth for the implementation of the Youth in Drainage Clearing Project (YDCP) was woefully wasted.

The report states however that although an MOU was drafted in July 2013, which highlighted the roles of key stakeholders, the MOU was later suspended in a meeting between RMFA and MOYA in October 2013, that which left the implementation of the project entirely in the hands of Youth Ministry.

“Eligibility criteria for recruitment of youths into the Youth in Drainage Clearing Project were not followed as aged and government operatives were recruited for the project,” the report states.

“Participating youths were to receive monthly stipend of Le 400,000 for general workers, Le 500,000 for supervisors and Le 1,000,000 for monitors monthly… Various deductions were also made from the stipulated amount of stipends to be paid to the participants of the project.”

It concludes though that the overall wrapping up of the audit has shown that the implementation of the Youths in Drainage Clearing was not linked to the intended outputs and objectives as there was no framework for proper planning and implementation of the project.

The project, they say, was meant for unemployed youths including disable, to make them engage in meaningful activities for their livelihood, but as it stands, the project has been misused and billions of taxpayers’ moneys wasted.

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