As Billions Stolen… Attempt To Shelve Transition Report Backfires

Sources say the transition report on conducts of the outgone APC government is damning of President Koroma and others’ wasteful spending of the resources of the nation of Sierra Leone.

They say the report revealed how the government of President Koroma was utterly reckless in revenue generation, with persons close to the then President woefully benefitting from huge tax concessions just like that.

Contracts worth billions of Leones were allegedly awarded to cronies of President Koroma for kick backs, which no doubt was responsible for the bad state of the country’s socio-economic structure.

NEW AGE also learnt that because the report is damning of President Koroma and cronies, there have been attempts by officials of the former government to negotiate ways by which same will be kept away from the public.

Some members of the transition team are reportedly being compromised and have been put under some form of pecuniary obligations by cronies of the past government to, in a way, hamper the smooth sale of the exercise in bringing offenders to book.

These and others, we are told, are reasons some of who thought their names may have been in the list of ministerial appointees got things the other way- were disappointed.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leoneans have urged the government of President Bio to pursue corrupt deals of the former government in the interest of Mother Sierra Leone, or will certainly not be voted for after his first five year term ends in 2023.

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