As Bambay, Others Weep in the Grave… Koroma Introduces Chief Coupist to Ivorian President

Insincerity and hypocrisy so far exhibited by the ruling All People Congress (APC) government is second to none and has exposed the party’s hierarchy to ridicule.

This is so, because in the build up to the 2012 elections, APC party heavyweights accused opposition SLPP contender, Julius Maada Bio as being a killer and should be held responsible for the mass extrajudicial killing of 29 Sierra Leoneans by the NPRC of Capt. Rtd. Valentine Strasser in 1992.

But Julius Bambay Kamara (the son of late Bambay Kamara who was executed cold bloodedly by the NPRC and who also was Trustee of the Bambay Kamara Estate and Leader of the 29 Memorial Foundation For Justice and Development) said: “we cannot continue this way…Someone has to take responsibility… I hold Capt. Valentine Strasser personally responsible for the killing of my father because, he was both the Chairman of NPRC and Head of State at the time my father and other serving officers were summarily executed by his regime.”

This, in essence, explains how Capt. Strasser, Chairman and Leader of junta NPRC government bear the greatest of responsibility for the woeful killing of 29 just like that.

The fact that the selected Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh, who long time ago, unequivocally stated in an interview with Citizen Radio in its Monologue programme that: “Maada Bio, others are responsible for the extra-judicial killing of 29 in 1992 and so must not be voted,” but now has shockingly recently turned around to be moving countrywide with one of the killers, Capt. Strasser, a man referred to as ‘key to the killing of the said 29 people’ somewhat explains insincerity and dishonesty though.

Again, of course recently (Monday 31st July 2017), President Ernest Bai Koroma was yet also seen introducing the same Strasser, who was Chairman of the NPRC to no less a public figure, but the Ivorian President Alhassan Ouattara.

This, no doubt, has sparked debates on the social media, with people describing the government of President Koroma as completely insincere.

Dreadful though, was James Bambay Kamara Jr. whom many say was used in the build up to the 2012 elections as advocate of the death of his father and 28 others, currently also now moving with Vice President Foh and Strasser on provincial expeditions around the country.

Bambay Kamara Jr. who at present works at the Office of the Vice President, in the 2012 elections said: “it shouldn’t be apology alone but that government should set up a commission of enquiry on persons believed to have summarily killed his father and 28 others.”

Of course, just when the election was over, Bambay Kamara Jr. and followers melted in thin air and were nowhere to continue their advocacy, rather, he (Bambay Kamara Jr.) has been seen moving across the country with Strasser, the man he previously had accused of killing his father and 28 others cold blooded.

Meanwhile, and in number of interviews, Strasser had claimed responsibility for the extra-judicial killing of the 29 people, noting however that victims were tried posthumously.

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