Army Songs Threaten Democracy

Sierra Leone’s Army celebration of ‘Armed Forces Day’ past Saturday was caught with singing of songs considered as threats to the democracy of Sierra Leone.

A song that unfortunately angered opposition political leaders as well as peaceful citizens is one depicting the Military chanting slogans such as “Soja na im born kamajor… Mama warn u pekin pan dis election,” meaning nonetheless that the institution of Kamajor civil militia was the making of the Sierra Leone Army and so parents (particularly mothers) should caution their children come the March 7 elections.

But whatever this song meant to the military, it has sent shockwaves down the spine of ordinary Sierra Leoneans who now have called on the international community and elections observer bodies to keep their eyes on Sierra Leone; possibly also caution the leadership of the Army not to do anything igniting unrest.

They have also asked the international community limit the military in their use of paraphernalia intimidating to defenseless Sierra Leoneans.

Campaign Manager National Grand Coalition party, who is also a Lawyer, Sulaiman Banja Tejan Sie explained how the song is not good for the army, particularly three weeks to the elections.

“Nobody will use the army this time around to intimidate the people of Sierra Leone. This is so because the will of the people must prevail,” Tejan Said.

Charles F Margai, presidential candidate people’s movement for democratic change (PMDC) who is equally a lawyer took a swipe at recent restructuring moves as done by President Koroma some two months to the elections, particularly so in the security sector.

He warned against any form of intimidation by the army and said as a political party they in the PMDC will not sit by and see selfish leaders use any of the security forces to thwart the peace and stability of the country.

Also, main opposition SLPP publicity secretary Rtd. Lieutenant Lahai Leama explained how he used to be a personnel of military and that if its membership could sing a song as panicky as the one sang on Saturday 17, then it is but wrong and out of place.

The ruling APC secretary general explained the history of coups in the country and stated that they have no intention of using the army to intimidate people.

However, army spokesman Brig Turay said that it is the custom of the military in their celebration of armed forces day.

He dismissed insinuations that the songs they sang have hidden agenda.

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